Targ Crossing, 4-0 Northampton Summer Kit

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becsygirl 318

First Snow is brilliant with this deck, as it makes you play around it from the start, and no one expects Targ to run it. This particularly helped in the final where my opponent played out several low cost cards, and I was able to use first snow quite effectively in our final round.

The crone can easily be swapped out; it was a last minute decision and didn't use her ability once.

Silver Steed could also possibly be swapped out; however it is useful to give important characters an attachment to prevent a lot of the naughty Greyjoy tricks.

This deck was built based on the blood riders, with lots of summer plots to help with Aggo stand. With Magister Illyrio as well, this deck doesn't suffer too much against Bara kneel. Although based on blood riders, it's got a lot of Targ "good stuff", so if the blood riders don't get going you still have lots of options.

Some people asked how crossing went; it works really well to trigger Mirri on the 3rd challenge (a couple of people forgot about it), and also means Rakharo's intimidate is better on 3rd challenge. Jhogo is also a monster later in the game.

Writing this a bit late, so don't remember much about the actual tournament, sorry! Feel free to ask me questions about the deck though :)


linkingverbs 191

Have you been playing with Blood of My Blood? I've been having some good games with a Dothraki LotC, curious if you've made any updates.

becsygirl 318

I've not used it; there's so many good cards in the deck that it's rare for me not to have a couple of good characters on the board anyway. Also, it's a 3 cost event; it's difficult for me to have enough left over gold to be able to use it. Do you struggle paying for it?

I think the only change I've actually made is swapped the crone for an extra Doreah. I took this deck to the UK Team Championships recently, and although our team went 2-2, personally I won all my games and came 2nd out of 48 in the individual rankings. Might need to make some changes once valar comes out though!

linkingverbs 191

Oh wow very nice, grats. I have used the event in an all Dothraki deck and it really has been quite good. Paying 3 gold to put a 4, 5 or 6 cost into play and having it come back to hand is pretty nice and you really just have to marshal accordingly. But obviously not for every deck, and maybe not for this one.

But, it seems like it would be a pretty good play with FSoW.

How do you like FSoW with Crossing? I'm a big fan of the agenda, and I actually brought a pretty identical deck to Gen Con with good success, but the idea of pulling any characters off the board (Wildfire/FSoW) always makes me a little nervous. Fire and Blood is a pretty good card for that turn though.