Smash n' Grab - Night's Watch Wolf (7-1 Dutch Nationals)

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Bambi 406

I wanted to post my decklist I used yesterday for the Dutch nationals. I went undefeated until I lost in the final to a great Targ Summer player and deck.

It's the first original decklist I've posted for 2.0 primarily because for me the meta is mostly 'solved', for want of a better word. By that I mean there is very little invention, creativity and no expectation of the unexpected. Aside from the evergreen mathematical equation of playing around tears and/or PttS, there is very little in the established meta that is hidden information; it all sits before you for all eyes to see. For me that has been the biggest disappointment to me so far. In the game of thrones, you do maths effectively or you die. So what do we do about that? We go back to the drawing board. Why? Because if you can't change the tools you're being given, use them to change the game.

So that was what set me down a path of trying to be inventive. I wanted my deck to be unexpected, to have some tricks up its sleeve catching the opponent off guard, but (and I stress this a lot) it had to be competitive. Fun decks are fun, but it's not going to go anywhere towards the goal of trying to re-establish the meta if it cannot hold its own. And hold it's own it can.

So where to start... Thankfully James Waumsley and Ryan Wood (Cornish Paramours changing the meta since 2k14) gave me the motivation to push through with their Sun Garden and Gates of Winterfell decks respectively. But that meant I had to do something different. After a long thought process that is how I ended up with this.

It is as _majestic _as it is ruthless.

I will give a breakdown of card choices below (I will be the first to admit this may not be the most effective list and needs some tweaks), but loosely speaking here are the highlights.

The linchpins of the deck are Varys, Yoren, the attachment set, White Tree, Taking the Black and 2 x Marched to the Wall (props to Ben Fox for giving me the idea on the later). Why are these important? Because this is the unexpected.

The deck effectively plays like this. You try and be aggressive early and diminish their board state with military claim, taking the black, Ward and then marched what's left. If that doesn't work, you switch to trying to hit their hand whilst keeping yours full with Ravens and or Arry, then hit them with a Varys. After which you lock them out with the attachments and White Tree.

So the cards.

Arry - I was not a fan originally. Primarily because she is expensive to keep cycling if you're not playing her in a Lion banner. However in this deck she is amazing. You can bounce her to enable you to play Arya who is fantastic post board clear. And therefore naturally Arry can dodge your Varys. She's great for giving you extra hand fill after taxation which is key because your hand is often stacked.

Benjen - good in this deck for two reasons. The first being obviously the fast power grab when he dies, and the second being that he enables better stabilisation after being hit by a FSoW or a board clear with stealth lockout.

Dolorous Edd- Alongside castle black and Arry, Edd saved me so much intrigue claim. He is also good if I need a last minute body on the board to allow me to March something less pivotal next plot phase.

Donella Hornwood - Gold in this deck. Free birds for everyone! In my top 8 match an extra gold from Old Forest Hunter into a Take the Black for 2 gold gave me the game as it allowed me to March my opponents Robert Baratheon. The little tricks like this in the deck are what make it such a fun thing to play.

Eddard - As odd as it sounds I didn't want to put very many 'good' characters in the deck. Because I don't want to care about them dying. Most games I would push through to a victory with reducers and mono-cons just because the efficiency played out. But I decided to put Eddard in anyway. If nothing else, he took a Milk or Craven e every game which left my other characters open.

Ghost - simply put allows you to be a lot more aggressive. He's a difficult card to play well, you have to choose targets effectively.

Messenger Raven - In any NW deck for the rest of time these will be a three of. They are just so amazing.

Old Forest Hunter - These were a late addition to the deck. I had an issue that I was pitching cards to reserve a lot and also struggling sometimes to play Take the Black. Added two of these and those problems went away.

Varys - As stated earlier if you can't be aggressive you need a way to control the board. Especially considering you run next to no renown, so against a rush deck, you need ways to come back. In the final I didn't see him until plot 7. If he and or Ward had come earlier I would have been in a for a good shot of winning.

Will - A sceptical choice, however he is great for both early pressure and closing.

Yoren - This guy is money. March their characters or Varys, steal something, March Yoren next turn, play another copy and steal something else. Lovely jubbly. So efficient to get two bodies for one to help you push through their decreased board state and not have to worry about your own.

Attachments - Craven and Milk of the Poppy are fairly self explanatory, but in this deck they have the added benefit of giving you full lock-down post clear. Ward is just an amazing card and was the first thing that popped into my mind alongside Taking the Black that became the inspiration for this deck. Firstly I can't believe how many people forgot it exists and look aghast when I steal their stuff. Secondly it's great in this deck more-so than most others. Why? Because it baits their confiscation which you need to do early to enable you to lock them out, but even better if you think they will confiscate you just follow up with Marched. Often a big swing in card advantage (they also have to march), gold advantage and plot destruction.

Locations - it's fairly self explanatory. I'm not sure about the Castle Black or Wall, but the rest is solid. In most games I saw White Tree turn 1 and when it can pay back its cost quickly it is invaluable.

Events - I originally ran three Take the Black but changed to one nightmares for extra versatility. As I have mentioned already, no-one expects Take the Black. Almost every time I played it my opponent was like "what's that?" Boom.

Plots - Building orders is obvious and there are many targets. You have to be very calculated in terms of what you pick. For example if playing Lanni Dragon both milk and craven are needed. However often a Ward can ensure you a good march target next turn if you can push through military in the plots. So choose wisely.

Double Marched no-one sees coming and is priceless.

Calling the Banners and Summer Harvest - These are in the deck primarily to ensure you can play Varys and establish some board presence. Ward is expensive as is Take the Black, so you need to ensure you can match your opponent pace and not fall behind too much.

Wildfire Assualt - More kabooms!

Winter Festival - Helps you close and is good income.

So that's it. I encourage people to play the deck as I absolutely loved playing it. My opponent in the top 8 said it was the least fun he had ever had playing card games. I take that as an enormous compliment.

Let's start the Revise the meta Revolution.



ChannelDelibird 969

This is teriffic (and well done on second!). NW Varys/Yoren/Double-Marched is my favourite archetype but I hadn't considered playing it with the Wolf banner for Ward. And Take the Black is one of those cards that I've wanted to be able to use for ages but haven't quite been able to justify it...

It might be tough to give up the shenanigans of the Lion banner but I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks for posting!

Joelg17 1

How did take the Black perform on the day? Did you occasionally not have targets? What was the biggest steal of the day?

Bambi 406

Every round I got something. Twice I took ranging parties. Sometimes it was just a fiery followers or even a reducer. It's main strength is just to diminish their board state so you can march something important. You have to weigh up the pros and cons sometimes of holding onto the gold.

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Congratulations on your 2nd place and thank you so much for sharing the decklist!

Badeesh 28

This is awesome. Take my like!

HidaHayabusa 73

Did you ever get hit by Varys's Riddle against Summer Harvest? Just asking that because it seems that Summer Harvest seems like a good candidate for first plot, so getting a 2g production is pretty much crippling.

Also did you get any games against Winter Choke?

Dydra 1483

Very original idea. Love it. The moment I saw 3x Ward I was like hmm " 3x Yoren -> Check , 2x Marched -> Check" ... Did you managed to do some work with that 1x The Wall ?

Bambi 406

@HidaHayabusaI did not get hit. I played around it most games because now plot games can really become a thing. For example hmmm my opponent might think I'll open trading so I'll open riddle into their harvest. Trading into harvest is just bad. It's too much gold. I'd rather have a trading and harvest on separate turns for a more consistent gold flow. Especially with this deck. This is part of the reason calling the banners was added. I'm currently debating putting in a summons because so many games Varys is key.

I had one game where my opponent was hitting me with white tree but we were just cancelling each other out. I don't think choke is a big concern with this deck because you can hold your own with cheap characters.

@DydraI originally had 3 x The Wall and slowly cut down. I think this card in particular can be swapped out for possibly another Donella. I'm holding out for now though because if you can stabilise the board the wall can get you to victory before your opponent can recover.

HidaHayabusa 73

In general, I always start with Varys's Riddle or Wraiths in their Midst in my KoW choke (depending on opponent's agenda) and since you are not a summer lover, I'd probably wouldn't open with Riddle as well. Just asking because I really think that choke can be an issue out of KoW, especially if you get hit by Meagers (I'll assume that Trees cancel out each other). Varys is an expensive hobby and I've seen that you only have one or two windows to play him early game.

Anyways, congratulations on the showing.

Rick IsLitFam 260

Awesome deck! I love how you took a new approach on NW and showed the meta how it's done! Would you swap WOTN Eddard for Core Eddard? It seems NW is where Core Eddard does well, but you definitely made it happen with WOTN Eddard. Any thoughts?

Bambi 406

@Guardian0988it may be worth considering for sure. However i like to play more aggressive so wolves eddard suits me more. That being said with so much craven around core eddard may actually be a very good choice depending on what you expect in your meta.

JoePerson 494

@Bambi thanks for creating such a beautiful deck!

I won a small GNK with it today - making a few changes. I dropped the nightmares and wall and went +3 Meager. I would recommend trying it if you haven't!

Cutting the Wall may not have been the best choice, as evidenced by a couple of games in which Will didn't leave the table. Maybe I wouldn't have maintained as much pressure with the tempo hit 4g to play it though. Requires more testing for sure.

TheBeardedDan 43

Would you still consider the meta stale after your success with this deck and the other decks that have been recently performing well at tournaments?

elimsen 1

I played this list in Nordics (just removed the wall), ended up 3-3. Some better players had more success with similar lists. If I were to change anything I would probably drop Will and try to squeeze in a few meager contributions. Not sure about Eddard, he was milked in every single game I played, usually with a single power on him. Not sure what I would switch him out to though. I had Arry milked one game, allowing me to play Arya next to her :D Donella is amazing with Ravens, could be 2x. Very fun list to play!

Bambi 406

@TheBeardedDanIt's been a very interesting couple of weeks tournament wise. Lannister seems to have vanished in Europe. SO to that I would say no, the meta definitely seems less stale currently which is great!

@elimsen I think dropping Will could be done, but I found I needed the stealth to push through sometimes post board-clear. I'm more than happy for Eddard to be milked and if anything i will even sometimes try and persuade my opponent to do so as it allows my more relevant characters to steer clear of it.

MadSirian 1

Congrats!! It's always nice to see fresh ideas that succeed!!


How do the new NW cards fit into the deck? Use the new event instead of taking the black?

Bambi 406

Hi @YEEZUS. I think Taking the Black has to stay because of the surprise factor and the tempo hit it can provide. I would consider one of the new event maybe two, however it would need testing to ensure consistency with the reserve value issue. It would need to be consistent enough to ensure you could use it when you needed to.

Statusunquo 1

@Bambi Have you since tested and tweaked this deck? If so can you provide a link? This is a really cool deck. (You mention not being sure about The Wall and Castle Black, what would you change in regards to those? Maybe Iron Throne for its cheap cost and extra reserve? Would you include a Summons plot incase Varys didn't show?)

Bambi 406

Sorry @Statusunquo I only just saw this! This is my latest build:

I think the plots may need tweaking a bit, but it seems OK currently.

Statusunquo 1

@Bambi Thanks man.