Targaryen/Stag - Kill and kneel control

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Combining the Targ targeted kill-based control with Bara’s kneel based control, and hand manipulation with strong intrigue presence as well as the obvious seen in flames. Viserys + Cressen + confiscation provide some good attachment hate. Milk because is again an obvious inclusion.

Fire and Blood provides some recursion for hatchlings, while Ser Davos provides his own recursion element.

currently struggles with the high skew in gold cost, and a bit of high variability in set up. A number of smaller characters were included to alleviate set up (like handmaidens). Handmaidens pull some minor double duty by being able to stand either Daenerys or Melisandre as high value targets, or deliver tears if necessary.

Plots were chosen to further alleviate the gold pressure, mostly via noble cause and banners. summons is there to pull in missing pieces, usually hoping to hit a Daenerys or Melisandre, unsurprisingly.

The deck is light on cute tricks, but fairly loaded with F.U.s and denial.

adjustments: replaced accusations with marched to the wall for harder removal, replaced smaller characters with 2 copies of Seal and 2 copies of Varys…Both add to the control element and value out of big characters.

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