Baratheon Summer, Russian National 4th place

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dreamy 50

Russian National was held on 16th of October, with 31 participants.

1st round: Nigth's Watch Fealty -- loss

2nd round: Targaryen Banner of the Rose -- win

3rd round: Greyjoy the Lord of the Crossing -- win

4th round: Greyjoy Kings of winter -- win

5th round: Martell Fealty -- win

Top8: Baratheon Fealty -- win

Top4: Nigth's Watch Fealty -- loss (to the deck from 1st round)

loser's bracket for the 3rd place: Martell Fealty -- loss(to the deck from 5th round)


Samurai7 1

How has the City Watch been? I noticed no milk but instead Nightmares.

dreamy 50

I wasn't sorry to see City Watch in my hand. I haven't used ambush discount much(may be once in the tourney), but 6 STR is good and it helped me against Greyjoys. and in combo with Selyse against Martells.

I usually play Nightmares AND Milk. But against Night Watch Milk is useless and Bodygard helps against Greyjoys and partially against Varys-decks. So I chose Bodygard over Milk.

ThronesGirlPT 14

How was it against bara fealthy and martell?

dreamy 50

@ThronesGirlPT, against Bara Fealty I didn't have my heavyhitters, but so my ooponent. Except that he had Stannis from turn one and I had Iron throne. we both had no draw, and pretty quick were topdecking. I was bit more lucky with draw -- we still didn't have "bombs", but I got painted table and after that gendry and that sealed the game. against Martell -- Selyse was amazing. all my characters had intrigue icons, basically. He didn't have money for Varys and my dominance package got me win again. In the match that I lost, Selyse died turn one from Venomous Blade, Varys cleared my board and it was downhill after that.