Rains of Clansmen - Stahleck top 8

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Paku 526

This is deck I was playing on Stahleck. I was 6:1 after swiss and I lost top 8 cause I didn't draw enough characters. I will probably take out Hear me Roar! and put some characters in it's place, Ser Gregor's Marauders probably. It's really fun to play with not so funny to play against and I think it's not easy deck


Baronerosso 155

With harrenhal i think the third hound will be a must. Congrats. But stark was a bad matchup?

Amoon 1

Awesome job piloting it up to top 8! Having watched some of the matches, i am sure it is a high skill deck and needs lots of practise. Was Janos Slynt any good?

Paku 526

I think third Hound is not that great idea in this deck. You don't want to draw a second copy when you already have one and Harrenhal have so many other uses, tower of the hand combo for example. There are two reasons I include Janos slynt. First I can put him into play from harrenhal and don't care that he die. Second he have 2 important icons for this deck. I jump him with harrenhal once or twice on tournament

theon greyjoy 1

@Paku nice deck dude and congratulations for reaching top 8. with valar out which chances would you suggest to do ?

MeatLoafX 22

It's a shame this deck hasn't gathered more accolades - top 8 in the biggest tournament in the world is fantastic. Have you made any updates or changes in the last three months?

Paku 526

Sorry guys for long time without answer. Here is current version of the deck thronesdb.com

Paku 526

Newest Version thronesdb.com