Ghosts of Bouncermere: 1st@LanghSC-1st@NapSC-Top8@TorSC

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Lannister castrami 1st on 41ppl local tourney (5-1 swiss) 12 4 8 1.0
No Funny Stuff: Ep1 - Lannister "The Rains of Castamere" 7 3 5 1.0

Nimer 2752

This is the deck that me, Aureliano and Livio played at our respective Store Championship. Me and Aureliano won them, Livio won the swiss (5-0) but lost in the top 8 game.

This deck was born more then 2 months ago and has changed a lot. This final version is what we think is the most solid one: we did cut all the aggro events and characters and added hand's judgement 3x which is vital to protect our locations. New Cersei with Casterly Rock and Harrenhal + Tower is really insane, and we are now playing the deck with no Lannisport and 3x Casterly Rock. This is by far the most enjoyable deck I ever played in this second edition and also one of the strongest.

It is a control deck, with a difficult early game but a very very strong late game, because it can hit hard both the board and the hand of the opponent with very few drawbacks: valar with claim and wardens of the west are usually the key "moments" of the game. It is not an easy deck to play and requires many games before being able to pilot it at its best.

A special mention goes to Golden Tooth which used in taxations enables treachery in plot or during the opponent's marshalling even when going second, and sometimes gives 3 gold which is really a lot :D.

Special thanks to all the Italian players who did contribute in the tuning of the deck!

I hope you will have fun with this deck as much as we did... ;)



iaan 17

Congrats, and nice deck ;) But somehow Golden tooth looks stil expensive with 2 gold...

Lannister 546

Hi! I like this. However I don't see how to manage myself with the plots. What is the usual start plot? Do you ever have enough money to do anything unless you use Trading? Seeing that there is no kingsroad at all, I believe you don't really marshall lords ever right? Don't you have to lose a lot of cards with every reserve adjustment? Thanks! :)

B0TBoul 9

Hi @Lannister 1st plot is always building order for try To find The location that u didnt see.. pentoshi is perfect after wardens off The West and no card in The hand off your oppo.. u dont really need To marshall Any lord unless when You play pentoshi.. I want To Say a special thanks To nimer And aureliano for this awesome deck.. absolutly the best off 2.0!

Dax 126

I think there is only one problem in this deck: Livio.

gabsnow18 70

This deck is evil and nimer is the best deckbuilder in 2.0 so far.Chapeau.

Baronerosso 160

Great deck. I am afraid that the player is better :)

Nimer 2752

@iaan I think that golden tooth isthe best economy card released after the core set in the right deck. It's insane whne it provides 3 gold, still very good when it gives only one. The fact that it gives GOLD and not discounts, and the fact that it gives you in the plot phase (treachery on bodyguard, aemon and iron mines) it's totally worth the initial investment. @Lannisteras I already wrote, this deck is slow. Most of the times you only need to oppose the more challenges you can in the first turns, to keep the power of your opponent as low as you can. Of course harrenhal is the key card, even if you don't find the tower. It helps a lot during challenges and it can put into play a big dude for the turn after with ghosts of harrenhal if you're too behind. Usually yhe first two plots are bulding orders and counting coppers, the order really depends on your board and your opponent's. Don't be afraid of taking some time, the more characters he will play in the first turns, the more will die with valar. ;) Otherwise, if he tries to keep his resources in his hand, you will have more time to build your "controlling net" of locations, and you'll be able to empty his hand with wardens.

Nimer 2752

@gabsnow18 and @Baronerosso thanks guys but you both are too kind... :D

sdxbbs 1

gratz man ! have you ever concider to go banner of the wolf for the bolton boss ?

hookerspit 1

I just play with my lady and she has a lanni that is 90% the same and she whoops ass with it. Key elements aforementioned by the creator ring true.

audioslavexxx 121

@Nimerit was a pleasure to contribute my friend ;-)

meph64 1

I love the Lannister's Castamere deck and I play a similar but more agro for few weeks. I tried many sort with jump module and without, and after a SC, I decide to remove the jump module in the end. I will test your list because she looks very interesting. I have two question about your list :

  • You play Valar and you haven't Bodyguard. If your opponent play valar too or multi reset deck, How do you hold the board (door ^^)? You said it's a control deck so is there a second turn of Plots or games finish before the return of valar?

  • You cut Lannisport to play a 3rd Harrenhall. I tried to cut Lannisport too but I had a real draw issue without it. This location is a great draw maker and I can't without personnaly. How do you do whitout?

I think Lanni's Castamere is a great deck and it's very dificult to optimize it : a tons of choice :)

Nimer 2752

@sdxbbsnope I didn't, but it would be a very different deck. @meph64 with this deck you play with 1-2 character on the board so valar isn't supposed to hurt you at all. I can't remember a game when my opponent did use his valar before I did, so basically I'm happy if they play it. about card draw, with tower and casterly rock you keep the hand advantage you gained with the first plots, and if they play coppers you can use riddle to copy it and keep in touch. About the number of plots, many games finish after the seventh plot so you'll flip a couple of plots twice many times.

servetz 30

Great deck and great players, but Tyrell-LotC >>>>> Lannister-Roc

Nimer 2752

Ahahahahahah true... :P

Nimer 2752

Pietro Donati won the Bologna SC with this deck. Congrats mate! ;)

Lannister 546

@Nimer hey mate, played this in a store tournament the other day. Just adding a second building orders and removing ghosts as not always you find the locations... My only defeat was against Greyjoy and his We do not sow and nightmares. How do you tackle that? The first two rounds is kinda difficult to not concede a uo. Do you rely on the hands judgements? Seems to be a bad pairing right?

Nimer 2752

@Lannister the gj matchup is "tricky". You have weaknessess to them but they have weaknessess to you. You Have 3 hj and 3 treachery so you basically have as much as them if they play 3 we do not so and 3x NML (most of the decks only play 2 of them) but you are supposed to draw more. You also have kevan (I'm playing 2 of them atm). On the other hand, it's very easy for you to trigger the agenda and the tower, and with tower and golden tooth (treachery in plot) you can counter most of their saves. Another option is to play differently and contest their board soon with trading. You will slow them down or "force" their valar if they play it, and since they will likely have no cards in their hand you'll be in a good position.

Lannister 546

I totally forgot about Kevan's action. Those are good advices. Will try to find place for the second copy. Cheers mate :)

Benji 764

Great deck, it's excellent to see this archetype played and performing !