Thrones WAR Martell Thompson Deck

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LGB 169

Can you point me out on the direction of how this deck play? I am trying it a lot and i am being outrushed... Thank you for sharing ...

Griznap 1

I played against @WailingJennings who was piloting this deck at an imaginary tournament.

I sat down and looked around for my opponent. That's when I saw him...

@WailingJennings was all the way across the room staring right at me. He didn't move for several minutes. He just kept staring.

I looked away for a split second and looked back. He was gone, but appeared right next to me in a puff of pink smoke.

The pink smoke was thick. I had trouble breathing. I coughed until the smoke went away.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there he sat. Right in front of me staring right at me not saying a word.

The TO came by and asked why we hadn't started yet as it had been roughly 43 minutes since we were told to begin.

Without saying a word, @WailingJennings ripped the TO's rib cage open and climbed inside.

I was scared, but at the same time felt entirely safe. I was also more impressed than I had ever been before.

Everyone else at the tournament cheered and cheered as @WailingJennings proceeded to rip Quincy Tinklebottom (the TO) apart.

After he was finished, the cheers dissipated and severe silence overtook the room.

At that very moment, @WailingJennings let out the most ferocious fart I had ever heard. It was so powerful that it blew down 3 of the 4 walls of the building we were in.

19 people also died. I obviously survived.

In conclusion, this deck is pretty good.

Bronson 117

Hot Pie! Mance and wildlings! Love it!