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The Enemy of Fun, Justice Incarnate, or as the good people of the realm call him...


Yes, KING Stannis is back with some Valar Dominance. I took some suggestions and took my deck to two Store Championships the past two weeks. Finished 5th out of 12 in a tournament in DC (2-2 in Swiss). Made some changes and finished 4th out of 12 in the second tournament at Games & Stuff (3-1 in Swiss), losing to Ben Fox in and his Gardeners on the Wall in the Semis. Report from the second tourney below:

Tourney Report Games & Stuff

First Round: Billy, Stark Lord of the Crossing W 15-2 Davos and bodyguarded Mel were out early. All buildings out turn 2. Played Valar turn 3. Finished quickly with the Dom machine and his reduced board.

Second Round: Jordan, Stark Fealty W 15-4 Table Chair Keep setup within first 2 turns. Mannis out turn 2. Fast Eddie milked and Core Sansa kept knelt by MANNIS. He dropped Fat Cat but I avoided killing anyone this round to prevent her power gain. Draw, power challenges, Winter Festivals, and dominance propel to win in about 4 plots

Third Round: Will, Martell Summer W 15-1 I was nervous about this matchup as this deck had handed defeats to two very strong players at the tourney (both were Lanni Rains). Turned out that it was a Rock Paper Scissors matchup though with the True King of Westeros being the scissors to his paper. Setup a Chair and an Onion Knight. Bob dropped first turn with reducers. Stannis dropped 3rd turn. Mannis and Bob attack for power same challenge. It was glorious to behold. Victory on turn 3.

Fourth Round: Jim, Lanni Kraken L 8-15 Turned out that Rock Paper Scissors goes the other way too... My Scissors hit a Lannister Rock in this round. He Valarred turn 3, saving Jamie and LF. I had played Noble cause that turn so both of our initiatives were 0, at that point he had less power though so he went first... This would be my undoing. He saved gold and treacheried the kingsroad i tried to use for Bob. Instead I ended up marshalling Selyse and Davos and responded with a second Valar. I managed to stay ahead for a bit in power, but he just accumulated better board position as I could only afford to just drop Bob and Stannis one round at a time. He eventually cleaned my board by the 8th plot and got through unopposed challenges for the win.

Semifinals: Ben, Tyrell Watch L 1-15 Ben is a very strong player so I knew this match wasn't going to be easy. Unfortunately for me, my prospects were not improved when he set up the Arbor, Renly's pavilion, a Shadow Mason and dropped the Wall and Aemon on the first turn. In contrast, I mulliganned into a Table, Cressen, Fiery Followers, with 2 Milks of the Poppy (useless against Watch) and some events. I marshalled Cressen, the Table, and the Followers. I played Counting as my first plot. I drew Stannis, Lightbringer, and Gendry. Draw wasn't better, two bodyguards. I couldn't find any economy to marshal anything useful first turn. Cressen was immediately milked so on the second turn when I dropped Stannis with Lightbringer and a bodyguard he was cravened with no respite. I Valarred but he had all of his buildings and Aemon so there was not much position gained. The wall and his unopposed challenges made the conclusion quick.


  • Stannis was the MANNIS. He was always useful when he came out and made defending power challenges/winning dominance easy. The targeted kneel was great to keep me ahead.
  • Bob was a tank. Yes I know my first version did not have him. Yes, I know he is not Stannis. And yes, he tilted the game whenever he came in. If Him and Stannis were out at the same time Power Challenges were Glorious.
  • Valar's effect. If I had my building combo out, Valar would crack a game wide open for me. If I didn't, I wouldn't use it or I would just use it to stall if I was behind. I was still glad I had it versus [Wildfire Assault](/card/01026) in the Lannister Matchup.
  • Table-Chair-Keep. My matchups came down to this. If I had these buildings. I would win. If I didn't, I would probably lose. Support of the people was worth, two chairs were fetched this day.
  • 2x [Winter Festival](/card/04040) and [A Feast for Crows](/card/01002) enabled me to win within 3-4 rounds if my buildings were up and running. They also kept me in the game against Lanni-Kraken.
  • Attachment hate. This was a weakness. In the future I may switch in a [Confiscation](/card/01009). Milks and Cravens aren't difficult if I'm already ahead, but they hurt a ton if I'm behind.

To any Fannis of Stannis the Mannis. Don't let the doubters and Lannisters get you down. True King Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) or Bust!

I have always felt from the beginning that Stannis was a greater danger than all the others combined. - Tywin Lannister

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