A melee Kings of Winter Stark - So sad.

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GrimJoy 7

The main idea is control all the table at the same time. I failed. Mainly 'cause I lacked gold, so I take a long time to set my table. The choke theme need a Fear of winter plot, or some thing close to that, to work in a melee experienced meta. I will abandon this idea for a while.

Only the first three sets of the 2nd cycle and LoCR are allowed.

MVPs: Ser Edmure Tully Eddard Stark (WotN) Riverrun

Disappointed but not surprised: As Hard as Winter Winter Festival - This plot is terrible in melee!

4th and 10th in Belo Horizonte* - Brasil tournaments.

  • The 7 Bra x 1 Ger city.
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