Army of Three

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Clu 247

Want to say thanks to the other folks who are championing characterless decks and helped set up a blue print for the rest of us!

Haven't lost a game yet In initial testing but it certainly has had some trails and errors. Forgotten Plans should be updated to either Confiscation (for frozen solid) or Fortified Position (that's low on reserve so I'm not sold on it yet). Varys Riddle is ok but I feel it could be something better. I'm currently only running 2 craven because I only own 2 currently. Bridge of Skulls is largely untested but it seems like a good addition. White Tree is definitely a possibility for more gold. I was pleasantly surprised how resistant the deck was against someone running Political Disaster. Dolorous Edd can come out, not as good as I was originally thinking. The Wall is an interesting choice, but I feel like it would just be a gold suck for win more situations.

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Clu 247

My other builds of this swaps out the martel for stark to gain access to Harrenhal, Frozen Solid, and Ward. The build was too clunky at times to which was a shame because I love Harrenhal. I also started with Martel as the main house and what I found that I was losing enough unopposed challenges that I couldn't hold off my opponent long to bounce them. I ended up going with NW for the glorious amounts of draw. I found that I was meeting my reserve each turn with 7-9 cards in my hand.