Crow Killers

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sedibear 44

Build your own Red Viper 1.0 with Crow Killers, Noble Lineage, and Retaliation!

Some tricks that are not readily apparent:

  1. Weirwood Bow can make challenges unopposed if you can get them to 0 STR.

  2. Battle of the Blackwater can turn offensive Valars into disasters.

  3. Scaling the Wall works really well on a 2-claim INT challenge.

Try to keep Dalla around as she's your only source of draw in this deck.


sandertaker 1

I play agains this deck yesterday it was a pain in the ass, with some time im going to give it a try, nice work by the way

Kakita_Shiro 1

You only have 27 Stark cards out of 60. I'd consider taking out a Heart Tree Grove for a different economy card, perhaps a The Kingsroad or Great Hall when it comes out.

gramyotron 1

From my tests King Beyond The Wall is x3 or none. This is a card you want to see each and everygame. When it is confiscated you want to attach it again and again.