Stark Big Guys Deck - Live Stream/Deck Testing

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Knight Of The Blackwater 131

Hello All

I will be live streaming this deck on Tuesday the 9th May 8pm UK time on my channel Knight of the Blackwater, if you can't make the stream it will be posted in it's fullness afterwards for you to enjoy at your leisure.

This is my updated version of the deck that won UK Nationals 2016. With the recent Dockside and The Storming of Starpike the meta seems to have shifted a fair bit and Stark seems on the rise. With that in mind I though it was time to take a look at a classic deck that worked well pre valar and update it for the current meta. This is a deck I did enjoy playing half a cycle or so ago and after a few test games still seems to be quite fun. I guess we will find out live on the night if the deck can hang in the current meta.

Note this is a slightly different version from the deck I posted on the announcement video

Thanks Ben



Stark is on the rise for sure and its about time! I was the top Stark deck at The Storming of Starpike in Philly :) Looking forward to the stream

Knight Of The Blackwater 131

@GIMMETHEL00T Nice work. What did you have in your deck?