Regionals @Goblin Bologna (65 players) - Runner Up

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mbandera 121

Hello everyone!

This is the list of the deck i played last weekend at Goblin Bologna during the first Italian Regional on May 14th.

The credit for the list goes to Alex Manotti, i just made a few changes based on my personal opinion.

You can find the tournament on jousting pavillion.

It was an enjoyable day and a great tournament as always in the Agot community!

It's a shame that the final was one way because of a bad mulligan, but Federico deserved the victory, congratulations to him!

The strategy is very simple, smashing the board with screaming blood riders and having fun :)

Feel free to ask any questions!



Bayushi Sezaru 645

Mirko, congrats for your great tournament! You would have been a worthy winner...

You should stop playing 62-cards decks... ;)

mattastrophic 717

Congratulations on your finish!

Was Guarding the Realm legal for the event? If not, would A Dragon is No Slave fit in this deck?

Bayushi Sezaru 645

Guarding the Realm was indeed legal for the event.

mbandera 121

@mattastrophic Yes, the chapter was legal and i tried a few games with the new event, but i prefered put to the sword. I think that a dragon is no slave works better in a control deck.

Bascud 17

Just wanted to ask for opinions on Great Hall potentially taking Slaver's Bay Ports card slot, as it's cost is 1 lower and there are a lot of unique characters in this deck.