Best Greyjoy@Tigella 2017 (Regional 100 players - top 16)

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Gullbert 60

Many thanks to Francesco Folladori for the precious advises during deckbuilding and testing.

King Nothing 1

Hi and congratulations to your result!

Against which decks did you played? Any things you would change after the tournament? In my opinion the real strength of banner dragon are the standing effects. So why only one Illyrio? How helpful was blessing?


audioslavexxx 121

Congrats on your great result my friend! Well played!

Gullbert 60

Thanks. I won against : Greyjoy Fealty, Targ Fealty, Lannister kraken, Lannister rain, Baratheon fealty (twice),

I lost twice against Tyrell watch (too many craven milk and passive powers)

I will change marched with weapons at the door plot. Core strategy is to have one of the 3 big brothers plus kraken and plaza for rush on power. All the other characters to keep low the cost curve and start with good set up and sacrifice for plaza. Blessing was very useful against dracarys ,put to the sword and nightmare.Illiryo just as back up plan.

supercuts 152

Congrats on the strong finish! What were the final decks at Tigella? Jousting pavillion doesnt seem to have the cut.


FedericoFasullo 15

@supercuts we were splitted among 2 batteries, you have to see both top 8 to see the actual cut

unfortunately there's no record of the top bracket. But the final was Tyrell/NW mirror match. Yay...

Congratulazione Umbe! :D