King Balon -Tigella top16(101p), Regional Bologna top16(65p)

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Mario57 126

This is the last version of the list I played in the last few months, after many players asked me.

The idea of building a deck with King Balon not based on unopposed was given by Nicola Brutti, who was playing a similar deck at the time and suggested me the core of the deck.

Not relying on unopposed, the deck is pretty solid, older versions of it made king of swiss (6-0) in a tournament of 51 people in Bologna and king of swiss (5-0) at the SC of Padova (16p); it has pretty good match ups against each faction and usually wins mirror matches, worst opponents are heavy aggro decks and bara kneel, but the games are very playable.

have fun!


Jay 1

Outstanding! I had the "lucky" chance to play against it multiple times.

King Balon is clearly a really good character which you can rely on to put pressure on opponents' boards and also to efficiently gain power. Anyhow, he's not as crucial of a character as the old Balon might be in an "unopposed playstyle" greyjoy.

If played thoughtfully this deck is packed with a lot of good stuff that can easily overturn even those matches that initially might seem already lost.

Mario57 126

Thanks for the nice review!

A very good point of king Balon is that you are no longer forced to occupy slots in your deck with a lot of win-more cards, that will not help you while you're losing. As you said Balon is not a win condition, you can keep board with only one big char and chuds, handle threats with nightmares, milk and filthy accousations, and when the second beefy char comes in, you can put a lot of pressure on your opponent through massive power gain.

very amusing to play but it requires proper decisions during the game.

Kyubi 1

Hi Mario, congratulations for your result. This is just the last achievment you get so far, and previous tournaments prove the good of your deck. Just one question: how do you handle Mirri? ;)

Mario57 126

it's simple:

step 1: ask kindly to your opponent if you can read the card (while asking grab the card, so he can't deny your request)

step 2: complain that the sleeve is dirty, and unsleeve the card

step 3: tear the card and eat the pieces, so no judge can prove mirri was in play

step 4: profit

Kingnothing 1

I like the idea with King Balon he is definitely underrated. I like him also more than core Balon in most of my decks. Why do you prefer iron island market over roseroad? Isn't it too slow for the 2 gold cost?

Thx for sharing your list with us. :-)

Mario57 126

thanks for appreciation, before the release of the last chapter the economy was 3x kingsroad, 3x sea tower and 1x roseroad, iron island market in testing performed well. The deck has few loyal card, so they are as slow as roseroad most of the times, but when you can't outrush your opponent and the game becomes long IIM are gold. Also they don't occupy neutral slots and i have some pillages (used to play king of salt and rock).

Kingnothing 1

Did you ever tested Drowned gods blessing? I guess its a good save against Dracarys, Ptts etc. if you can't find a HJ and you get more control against that stuff. Maybe The Reader played only one time can make some space? (Or do you prefer him fot the draw? Altought you didn't prefere the UO challange) Btw I like your deck. I played with it some games. My biggest problems so far are heavy control decks and strong lanni builds. Maybe weapons at the door or a second rattleshirt raider could help. But it's like you said. It needs some proper decisions :-)

What do you mean with you had some pillage? In connection with IIM. I guess you mean if you would play King of salt and rock because you had the space :-)

Mario57 126

I'm playing blessings in another deck (with Dagmer and stuff), but more for the STR buff from priests. HJ are more flexible and cannot be calculated. Anyway i think i'll cut a copy of the reader (btw synergic with balon and makes you draw or even mill, good for euron and iim if you can afford it)

In a previous version of the deck i had the second rattleshirt, but i cut him and the third wildling scout to have neutral slots for milks (meta choice).

I have some pillages in the deck: 3x black wind crew and 3x euron, and i used to play the crown (on balon or vic is amazing). Pillage helps you get sooner 2 golds with IIM

Thanks again for appreciation, i love this deck. I hope King Balon gets the love he deserves!

Kingnothing 1

So heads on spikes is a plot which was played very often the last time. So it happens that my opponent could kill my Euron or Balon before I get a chance to bring him on the board. So I tried ghosts of harrenhal and it could be awesome. Also if your opponent valars at round 2 and you still have no saves. I think a second NML could also be fine in a rising Targ meta. Maybe lay siege deserves a slot? Not sure atm.. Crow Killers are also nice. Maybe instead of the wildling scouts to put more pressure on your opponents board.

I had been testing the crown also. Really amazing :-)

Mario57 126

Thanks for testing!

Heads on spikes isn't very played in my meta, the week before Tigella i thought to play goh and late summer feast T1 but didn' convinced me. An idea could be playing 3x aeron core set and 1x iron throne (you take it with support of the people if needed), also because is not easy to find a slot for a 2 gold plot.

I hate NML for their mono icon, would play the third wdns instead. I don't like lay siege atm, too few contested traits, could have been a good card if had printed a "cannot be saved" on it. I don't mind crow killers but in this deck i have too much 6 reserve plot and 2 costers are good for setup, which is a weakness of this deck.

Lancezh 246

I tested it about 10 times and had 1 very close win and that was it, either i'm a bad player or this deck simply doesnt work that well in a Nightswatch Meta (Throneteki). I felt like i didnt have any answer to alot of things when i needed them. I think ghosts of harrenhal gives some relief but you have to keep balon alive hard in this deck to even stand a chance despite of what some people said, if you lose him your strongest tool is simply gone. Also felt like i had nothing on other GJ players, it just feels very unspectacular overall as much as i would like to like it. But hey, could be that i'm just a bad player.

Mario57 126

yeah, it could be :(

I don't know what to say, i played this deck for something like 5/6 months and loved playing it, also it won most of the games. The deck is full of answers: 3x nightmares, 2x HJ, 2x milk, filthy accusation and also heads on spikes could be a good answer (against lanni jumper, ghost of harrenhal or just to send big guys to the dead pile). If the meta where you play is full of nw just fit the deck to it: put the second rattleshirt raider, and maybe try something like Rattleshirt himself of Raiding the Bay of Ice