The Stark Fun Police - 19th out of 156 at European Champions

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Knight Of The Blackwater 131

Hello All

This is the deck I took to Euros last weekend. I went 6-3 and just missed out on the Top 16 cut by strength of schedule. I had the idea for the deck as a counter to the top meta decks, as I saw them, namely Tyrell Wolf, Tyrell Rush, Lanni Rains, NW Defence and Targ. I thought the best way to counter these decks was to stop them from doing what they were designed to do, so on top of the normal anti triggers and events pack that Stark has, 3x Brann, Core Cat and Winterfell, I added all the milks, frozen solids and nightmares I could fit. On top of this I included Last Hearth Scouts for anti Lanni and Tinder Marge tech. All this tech was how the decks name came about, when your opponents is having too much fun, the Stark Fun Police pop up and stop your opponent.

The plan to win the game was by focusing on power challenges and gaining renown. John Snow as a way of either standing the whole board with Robb out or standing the other renown characters. To this end Summer was upped so I could bring back cheap characters to sacrifice.

For the plots early on I added two barring the gates. This is a great plot to counter Lanni Jumpers, Tinder Marge, Here to serve, Ghosts of harrenhall and is also a winter plot letting myself trigger Winterfell on defence.

Noble Cause was a no brainer as I had so many lords and lady's. And the idea of the deck is to control the opponent, so I don't want to give them more money with Trading or cards with Late Summer Feast or Time of Plenty.

Wardens of the North is the closer to get all the renown into the weakest challenge or to defend with the renown to win on the defence.

Confiscation and Close Call go without saying.

Vary's Riddle was a utility plot, which in testing I was trying to hit Summer Harvest with, which worked well, but was probably the weakest plot in the deck and I'm now looking to swap for a reset.

I won't do a big break down of the games but quickly

Game 1 - NW/Winter - He had an aggressive deck but was never able to get board control without giving me a load of renown. 1-0

Game 2 - Stark/Fealty - My Cat and winterfell stopped him form being able to trigger his win condition. 2-0

Game 3 - Targ/Fealty - I had a great start, he played valar, he almost came back but a well timed nightmares and milk saw me take the win. 3-0

Game 4 - Targ/Fealty - This went wrong on turn one when I had fast eddie and core cat protected by Jory. He then played crown of gold followed by a valar and I never recovered. 3-1

Game 5 - NW/Summer - The boards got wide as I didn't play a reset and he didn't want to valar. He saw the Wall a little late (turn 4 I think) but I was able to Nightmares it and kept winning power challenges with Robb and core sansa to stay ahead in the power race. 4-1

Game 6 - NW/Crossing - I didn't get a foot hold and couldn't stop the power gain... 4-2

Game 7 - Lanni/Rains- Now in this game the deck was singing! The Last Health Scouts and Barring The Gates shout down the jumper tech and I quickly out rushed him. 5-2

Game 8 - Targ/Crossing - I got the pleasure of playing Reinhard, who went on to win the tournament, he was a real gent. He opened heads on spiked for the first two turns and hit two characters, two of the few characters I drew. This left me without enough of a board presents. 5-3

Game 9 - Tyrell/Wolf - A great close game where all the tricks in the book came out and I was able to out rush for the win. 6-3

And there we go, my report. I enjoyed the process of making this deck. This is the first time I have made a deck from scratch and I was bricking myself the whole week before the event that I would tank and it would all be my fault....


starclown 120

I took this deck to our local game night yesterday and had great fun with it.. It can still compete quite well. Would you change anything to update it with the latest packs?

Knight Of The Blackwater 131

I have changed the deck slightly since Euros. I replaced the Tumblestone Knights for Bear Island Loyalist as I was running few loyal cards and they can save you from Drac, Nightmares, offer of a peach, etc.

I have also dropped Vary's Riddle for either Building Orders (none NW meta) or for First Snow (if you think there will be lots of NW), both have worked well for me. I have been testing the updated deck here

As for new cards I want to put in a one of Dacey Mormont, maybe for a sansa or a loyalist? But I worry about the cost curve.

SonOfBattles1 239

How about Ser Edmure Tully?

DarkKnight76 232

How do you feel about Harrenhal in this deck? I've been seeing a lot of that "last of giants" into varys or jaqen lately, it's very expensive but could it have a place. Btw love all the YouTube videos.

Knight Of The Blackwater 131

@DarkKnight76I did think about Harrenhal but the 4 cost slot is full and I worry about cost curve. I'm also seeing a lot of Varys via LOG, but you have 3 brann, three nightmares and 2 barring the gates, you just have to think about that when try and work out the opponents deck.

And thanks man, glad you enjoy the videos :-)


Knight Of The Blackwater 131

@SonOfBattles1I hadn't thought about him as I was running so few Tully's, but he would add to the "stopping the fun" element of the deck.