The red lady of House Lannister! (Munro Clan)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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The red lady of House Lannister! (Munro Clan; Taking the Bla 4 3 0 5.0

Hayati 44

Baratheon allies to help:

1) Provide more high cost characters to spend your gold on

2) Kneel opposing characters

3) Destroy your opponent’s hand

4) Win dominance.

The deck has gone through many iterations:

The latest changes were to strengthen the economy via the plot choices and bring in The Hound! The deck feels quite strong and is certainly the strongest version of its many iterations. The plot changes really help fuel the economy and get the cards played out liberally.


Pretzel 1

Hayati! Please teach me how to play this game :D on octgn ok?

Hayati 44

Sure thing pal!