Just Deserts - Top 4 Northampton Regional

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feeworth 182

It seems that a number of people had a good idea all at once last weekend! Congrats to everyone who's put Martell on the map, this is my meager contribution to the Dornishmen.

Fundamentally, this is a heavy control deck with resets, utilising the icon removal and character removal of ghaston, southron, tears and the venomous blade to push solid board advantage. If a board become too flooded, varys provides the answer.

I took a similar deck to this running the prince's pass to the european championships in Birmingham. I found that whilst it had been potent in testing, it ran into a wall (literally) against the Night's Watch. I had to face two wall decks during the course of the swiss and lost both times.

Changing the deck with the help of the Crosse Keys meta, we revamped the deck to include pieces that were capable of providing an answer to the Watch, aided by the addition of Dornish fiefdom. Varys helps and political disaster, which I've been considering in this for a while, is the killer piece of the deck in that matchup. At the moment however, it's a great meta call. The deck (and currently Martell in general) favours locations that don't stay on the board, with the exception of econ. other dominant factions, targ, stark, greyjoy and night's watch all prefer substantial backboards, so political disaster really hurts them, wheras this deck can maintain dornish fiefdom and carry on regardless.

The matchup's went like this

Game 1 - Targ Fealty (Win) Game 2 - Targ Kraken (Win) Game 3 - NW Rains (Win) Game 4 - Bara Kraken (Win) Game 5 - Targ Fealty (Loss) Game 6 - Tyrell Dragon (Win)

Top 8 - NW Rains (Win) Top 4 - NW Summer, yes, that one (Loss)

Happy to discuss further and will likely update with match reports later :)


Loras Tyrell 316

Ehi man congrats on your strong showing! Some really interesting choices here, as you said I felt too that location control had to be a thing for Martell, Political Disaster is brutal on the right occasion. I see you run many attachments which is great for control, but I for example gave up alla of them (but Venomous Blade) to further improve the NW matchup, where those are beasically dead cards. Love the Scorching Deserts, I will need to try those... cheers!

action_johnny 745

I feel that because of the craziness that is #triggerthegift that this deck may have been slightly over looked. Brilliant Martell deck and excellent meta call. A couple of your choices in particular have inspired me. Well done for your sterling performance buddy! #Blackistheneworange

Von Wibble 169

Well done on the results, though our game wasn't much of a fight at all! How was Doran's Game for you? Was Ricasso worth it for this and the Knights of the Sun alone?

Sandorc 35

a little question.. could you explain your desicion on 2xMaester of Sunspear? don't see it clear how to use it. thanks