Lanni HO'S [Utrecht Regionals top 4, 3rd swiss]

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Virani 61

After doing pretty well the last regional, I decided to build a fun jank deck for the next event.

Surprisingly it worked great today, except for both losses to Stark fealty, 4th round and semi-final against the same player.

The idea is to either destroy their board with the Mountain, pillage-train with Tywin selecting the right cards for potential triggers, or to destroy their hand with Cersei and Heads on spikes plus Tyrion's Chain.

Because of the high-gold plots there is no need to be very scared of resets. Stick to plan A, then if opponent plays Valar proceed with plan B.

The deck plays like a rollercoaster and has lots of high-impact moments which can be very spectacular and is always exciting to play.

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