Maurice island Joust Champion 2017

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peloslargos 32

1 of swiss. Great sinergies. Best two houses draw and play not neccesary any skill


Skarab 1

Great person but the best deck in all arround. Which is your worst pairing?

Antrim 208

What a dominant deck, you easily beat all two of us in the Swiss.

x6 wolf events and x2 wolf cards total is such an unexpected genius touch, it could be considered art.

kaikou 700

Firstable congratis for this liitle trump.

Why aren't you running Winterfell? I think that it's a good meta call against greyjoy. Will we see you in worlds?

Bestialterata 137

Is this a troll deck? You only have Grey wind and play 6 wolf events?

munch 22