Something Old, Something New: 1st Place PDX July tournament

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mattastrophic 624


"I propose that you dismount, bend your knee, and swear me your allegiance."

This is the deck I took to a small local tournament in Portland, Oregon, and went 5-0 on the day with it. I was expecting a fair bit of Night's Watch Builders and multiple-reset decks with Varys and Valar Morghulis, along with not much in the way of Targaryen, so I chose a nice Renown-focused deck with Melisandre for kneel support and Spears of the Merling King for some extra saves. Seen in Flames and Nightmares can disrupt things like the Last of the Giants into Varys combo.

First, the cost curve. It's my belief that with Great Hall, 6g and 5g unique characters are very often effectively the same cost. What this means here is that Randyll Tarly is easier to afford than without Great Hall, and there's little need to spend slots on Garden Caretakers to support his cost. Thanks to the reusability of Great Hall, we are able to bring thirteen renown characters and reliably afford them. Additionally, Renly Baratheon's icons and Strength become worth the 6g cost (as it's effectively 5g here), and he virtually serves as a tenth gold-producing location. Renly's inclusion is what made the whole deck come together.

For plots, the basic plan is to secure the board and build up for a big power round, using A Clash of Kings as the finisher plot. Wildfire Assault is great for keeping the opponent's board from going too large, and it combos well with Spears of the Merling King to keep the hand flowing with renown and R'hllor effects. Filthy Accusations combined with Melisandre are great for making a nice push, especially when the board is small. Time of Plenty was my most consistent opener plot, used to look for limited locations and strong characters. Trading With the Pentoshi allows for a big marshalling phase of, say, Robert Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth, and a Bodyguard, or Randyll Tarly, Fiery Followers, and The Red Keep. Trading is for big-splash marshalling that immediately tilts the board in your favor. Close Call is useful for resurrecting dead unique characters, and Confiscation takes care of pesky attachments.

So, if you are looking for a non-dominance Baratheon style featuring Team Renly, give this build a try!


celric 269

Congrats on the win. Sorry my kids soccer kept me from giving you a match vs a NW-steal-all-you-dudes deck. We'll miss you here in the NW. Hope Scotland is good to you!

mattastrophic 624

Thanks man!