Lanni Rains MN Regional 7-1 Undefeated in Swiss.

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mnBroncos 309

First round win vs Stark Kraken (finished 7th seed). Second round win vs Martell Crossing (finished 13th seed). Third round win vs Greyjoy Fealty (finished 9th seed). Fourth round win vs Martell Fealty (finished 3rd seed). Fifth round win vs Tyrell Rains (finished 2nd Seed)

Quarterfinal win vs Greyjoy banner of the Lion Semifinal win vs Stark Fealty Final loss vs Targ banner of the Rose.

Will post more of a report later.


gundamz 20

How essential is Valar to this deck?

imabunneh 307

Fake news, this isn't a Martell deck.

mnBroncos 309

@gundamzVery essential it isn't a plot I'd even consider cutting. The deck is trying to control the board by keeping character count low and tempo hits with harrenhal/tower combo. Valar did a lot of work during the tournament. With Harrenhal having only 2 gold from valar isn't that big of a deal anyways as well and can rains into a plot with claim.

@imabunnehI will admit......I felt dirty playing this deck at times ha it can just be stupid at times.. I tried to play Martell but couldn't build a list I really liked in time..

Jeaux 1

I'm glad I didn't have to have you that day. Well done, sir.

MadSirian 1

Nice list! I play a similar one .Why no building orders? And how did hear me roar work for you?

Amoon 1

Thanks for sharing this 2.0 version of the old jumpers deck. Just what i needed when i got stuck with me Euros Lanni Rains. Replaced 1x The Queen's Assassin with the The Tickler and took it to London's 52 players Regional at Warboar where i luckily managed to pilot it into the final, with a 5-1 swiss record. Unfortunately i got trashed by my team mate in the final match, but eh... win win situation for the Crosse Keys team. Again, great deck!

iaan 17

@mnBroncosGot to thank you too Brandon , I piloted your deck to the Top 4 in the German Nationals (58 players) - great deck and was a pleasure to play!