Targ Rose MN Regional Champ Deck 7-1 (36 players)

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Renly's Pride Parade - US Nationals 2nd Place 36 24 10 1.0
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schi0384 122

This decklist is the same one from US Nationals 2017 that took second place. I made the some of the recommended edits like adding Astapor and Rattleshirts Raiders and second copy of Viserys. Tested with new Belwas and didn't like it. Added the third copy of Illyrio's Estate and kept the Hand's Judgement as there were many events to cancel in our meta.

Practice, Practice, Practice with this deck. There are a lot of tricks to do in challenges once you get the pieces out there. I had several "come from behind" wins (I was at 9 power, my opponent at 13 and I still got to 15 first) because I could see the plays. Once you understand all the tricks and pro plays its a real fun deck to pilot.

MVP cards are Plaza of Pride and Lord Renly's Ride. You gotta keep all three copies of each card. Would consider a third copy of nightmares.

If you can hit counting coppers on a Vary's Riddle plot, the tempo is amazing and every time I was able to do it I won.

Round 1 vs Stark Fealty W Round 2 vs Stark Fealty W Round 3 vs Baratheon Banner Kraken W Round 4 vs Night's Watch Banner Wolf L Round 5 vs Lannister Rains W Top 8 vs Martell Fealty W Top 4 vs Stark Banner Kraken W Finals vs Lannister Rains W


Ecth3lion 8

since you are running 3x Lord Renly's Ride i m wondering why not run Dothraki Honor Guard. I suppose that is one of the reasons why you run King Renly's Host too. Other than that that's an interesting deck.

Jeaux 1

Nice of you to finally come back and play with us Tuesdays and then destroy the regular players in a tournament. :) Well done and I'm glad I didn't have to have you.

Clu 247

NIce work Tim! Did Jaquen ever make it into testing over Mirri? Or is the econ too tight?

schi0384 122

so there was a last minute change to the deck. i dropped one copy of mirri for a greyworm. 5 cost non-uniques like the honor guard are too expensive for this deck as you can't use great hall. you dont need a ridiculous amount STR for Lord Renly's Ride to be effective. Usually 4 STR was enough to win the challenge a kneel character. I rarely played Rattleshirts Raiders, mainly pitched it for Plaza to stand a big character. Mirri is easier to play than a Jaquen with the reducers, so there wasn't alot of room for him.

teamjimby 1794

Nice work! Glad to see the deck still going strong :)

celric 399

Good form to credit the original deck builder and well played on your part to test and learn the deck and piloting it to a big win.

Arjay88 196

Congrats! Did you find the Summer Harvest plot work out well for you? Did you ever get screwed over by a Varys's Riddle or another surprise low gold plot? Did you ever wish it were a solid plot like Late Summer Feast? Reason I ask, Summer Harvest has fallen way out of favor in our local meta due to the massive popularity of Varys's Riddle. Again congrats on your victory!

schi0384 122

Summer harvest was a hit or miss plot. It sometimes hits Valar or Counting Coppers. Most of the time it hits a 5 gold plot of it is ok. The goal was to hit Late Summer Feast or Trading. Our meta is light on Vary's Riddle so I didn't see the downside of running Summer Harvest first turn. Its probably a good idea going forward to replace it with Late Summer going forward.