Unexpected Pleasure, 3-1 NC Regional

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kidohearts 1191

So for the folks who like my style decks, enjoy.

I had this built in my mind on my way home from TN when I played the no character deck. That version was running Wolf over Watch. I will have a link to the Wolf version and the Kraken version I built as they both did well, but I settled on Watch.

I just have to do what I do and play something a bit different. The very first version was a no character version, lol. I did go 2-2 with that in practice.

I have been practicing this over the last 2-3 weeks on Ironthrone with great success. I was about 38-2 against every house,,,,,,,,,, with one exception, and I'm sure you guessed it, but GJ main(almost any agenda), I was about 2-6. Just can't overcome Sow, Euron, saves, Lord, and the rise of Dagmar. So I figured, that's not too bad just falling dead to one house and maybe can win it.

I'm not exactly what I can do for now against them. Wolf version may have been better to keep them saving off Harrenhal and Frozen Solid their saves, tough call. The Kraken version was interesting as I was trying Ahead of the Tide to win initiative on the Delay turn. I had not tested that version much, but was trying Loot b/c with my jumpers I might be able to get rid of their gold they may be saving to try to win Dom.

I know Martell has more control cards, but the filter and draw out of Tyrell is just too good. HighGarden is great, Oldtown, and one of the MVP's of the deck is Caswell's Keep. Being able to look at the faction I'm against and see which card is better in that matchup was very very helpful.

Fortifications is a weird add, I know. But I thought(and was correct) there would be more GJ than NW so I dropped Lay Siege for it. Hoping to help in the NW matchup.

before the quick tourney report, here are the other 2 verions.



Round 1- Bye Crushed it, in control the entire time.

Round 2- Alex Lanni Reins Great setup, Varys, all locations I needed and never looked back. The funniest play was, he marshalled Jaime on a delay turn and Milked him as first player. I marshalled Cressen and discarded the Milk. Great guy, fun game(for me), lol.

Round 3- Jacob GJ Fealty Duped Euron on setup, I was able to Varys into March him. He got him back and just rolled from there. I maybe have been able to win this game, but I didn't get HG or Table. Out of my 9 econ locations I drew 7 of them so nothing to control his deck. Either of those 2 and it would have been real interesting. He used and got one Sow blocked already. He said he had his last one, but I had HJ. Great guy, fun game(for him), lol.

Round 4- Jonathan NW Reins Very good player, my favorite player in the game. He got out good with the Wall and new Jon. I thought it was not going to end well. I was able to Last Giants in Pyromancers and discard the Wall. I put the other one on bottom with Queenscrown(but made the idiotic mistake of Play Gift). I delayed Aemon so I could Valar next turn. I was up 10-9 going into round 8, Valared for a second time, clearing his board. I jumped in City Watch and he could only put out the dude who gets renown on defense. He also got his Wall back. I Mil or Power with Watch and if he doesn't block, the Wall goes down, if he does I Highgarden my guy to do the other and put the Wall down anyway. Time went off and he conceded as I would have been up 12-8 at the end of the round. Awesome game, would have loved to see it finish.

I don't care about the cut unless there is some swag I really want, and there was an out of towner in 9th, so I dropped so he could play. And I never lie, so I will say a part of it(small as it may be), was there were 3 GJ main house decks in the top 8. If I had done any research to see if an Alliance deck had won anything recorded(I know, I could have just looked at Annals, lol), then that may have influenced my decision.

I may have put Milk back in over Fortifications. This deck really needs to see its econ, but most decks would agree.

I had a great time testing the deck and playing it. I just really really enjoy coming up with different ways of playing and thinking about the game.

"I Know Nothing"


longclaw 1

Not a whole lot of fun to play against, but a thing of beauty nonetheless, my friend. :) Great game and an awesome deck!

kidohearts 1191

@longclaw you're my favorite player the game has to offer

SirLargeness 477

@kidohearts, i think my biggest concern is the slots used for Queenscrown. Since you're not interacting with your opponent's discard pile, whats the point of removing the top 3 cards of their deck? Sure, it feels good to place a 6 coster in the discard pile, but the next cards the opponent draws are just as randomly good or bad as the cards you removed, thus statistically not actually impacting how meaningful the draw actually will be. Like, im sure all manner of Tywins, Nightmares, and other some such have been discarded while using this card in this deck, but i guess im saying that doesnt actually matter.

Other than that its a cool control deck that i bet is frustrating as hell to play against.

ConfusedUs 79

This deck has made two people ragequit in a row on TheIronThrone.net.

A++ will run it at league night.

kidohearts 1191

@SirLargeness I guess i'm confused about your point. Queenscrown is right in the wheelhouse of control. Just b/c they get the next 3 cards doesn't mean anything. When your deck is built for the long game, the Crown is masterful. Let's say it's setup. You should be activating it in the plot phase so there is nothing they can do about it. So pick a faction, we'll go with the weak link for the deck GJ main. Let's say the top 3 are Euron, Balon, Sow. So now you have the option of what to get rid of. Euron hurts the build bad so you put him in discard and now they only have 2. But not only that 1 of their 3 Sows are on the bottom along with Balon as a bonus. The point of the card is to try and thin or eliminate their best options for countering your deck. For example, in game 3 my opposition was running 1 Dagmar(who crushes my build) and I nuked him with Crown. But to be honest if he and Euron were in there I might of nuked Euron knowing Dagmar is on bottom. Either way you've now also eliminated a dupe which is important in reset deck. I don't get into the logistics of well they are still getting 2 random cards and all that, I just know when I can eliminate(either in discard or bottom of deck) cards that are very good against my build it's a win. The next 2 may also be good cards for them, but not bad cards for me. And it can be setup nicely with Bear and the Maiden Fair so you know 1 of the 2 cards they are getting. And to me the point isn't that I don't interact with their discard, it's that they don't interact with their discard or the bottom of their deck. And this game is human, so when a player sees some of their best cards being discarded or put to the bottom, they begin to cringe causing the errors. Keeping a player on their heels for a few turns can determine the outcome of the game, whether it's 5 plots of 9 plots. Just my crazy theories about control builds though. Back when I wrote my write up for the NW Kraken, I wanted to make the case that the "optimal play" is very very subjective. It's about your deck, what it's doing, how the cards gel together, etc.... Like not many people who Tears a reducer, but I did and felt it was the right play, as I still feel that when an opponent's board gets shrunk and shrunk, more mistakes happen. I think it comes from my poker background, lol. but again

"I Know Nothing"

@ConfusedUs thanks, and yes in my 45-50, i had many concedes and many "no fu%&ing" way, lol.

hackmodford 1

I think I played against you on thronesdb.com. Whatever version you had, it was a thing of beauty ;)

kidohearts 1191

@hackmodfordthank you