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This Night's Watch, Sun deck is a variation on one of my all-time favorite decks, a Martell, Kraken I played at the Wisconsin Regional last year that used Fishing Nets to either neutralize my opponents' bombs or force them to run headlong into Sunspear, Vengeance for Elia and Ghaston Grey and take full advantage of Martell's suite of reactive abilities.

The problem with Martell's reactive abilities has always been that they're dependent on your opponents making challenges to trigger them. Baratheon dominance and Watch Wall builds don't care about that, and the rest can, if they're patient, just sit and beat you out at dominance or carefully selected renown challenges. Fishing Net provided impetus to make challenges in the earlier build, and Watchers Maester Aemon provides the impetus in this build.

If you're second player and if Sunspear is out, the challenges phase can be a lot of fun. Cotter Pyke, Elia Sand and Ghost provide stealth to get around any defenses your opponent left up, and Maester Caleotte and Nymeria can strip the relevant icons of the rest of their defenses. It's even better when Arianne is primed as it makes it that much more difficult for your opponent to calculate which challenges they can afford to trigger Sunspear and still defend.

Stark are a problem for this deck. Catelyn Stark and Winterfell don't let you have any fun. Consider swapping in Nightmares to handle them for a turn or two, if the wolves are popular in your area. If you don't mind a higher curve, Rattleshirt and Syrio Forel aren't bad either for forcing through your retaliatory challenges.


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