Targaryen Fealty - 1st Discord Tournament Champion

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Burning House of the Undying Targaryen Fealty 1 1 0 1.0

RTT 31

This is the core shell of the deck i used to win in the Discord Tournament played on theironthrone. Shoutout to a Ironthrone player called Scratchy who was kind enough to share his deck with me. I only changed like 2 cards from his deck by adding a Strong Belwas and Tears.

First of all i have to mention that in this tournament you were allowed to change the deck between matches and you knew the Faction/Agenda of your Opponents. In the group phase I didnt change the deck and took this one to a 3-1 record.

Once the swiss phase and the cut started I tried to predict my opponents decks and teched my deck accordingly. Against a Bara-Crossing from Dustan Archer I added more stand tech with an extra Plaza of Pride and Magister Illyrio. I also changed The Gods Eye for a Iron Throne for some dominance help.

Wenn I played Duketax Lannister Rains I switched my Nightmares for Milks and cut Varys because i was afraid of loosing him to Treachery. But i did still loose because i was not able to kill his Tywin who has accumulated 5 or 6 Power at the end of the game.

In the Top 8 I faced a Stark-Kraken. Here i just used my Standard List but Stark was allways a hard Matchup once they had Winterfell. In the game he did even setup Winterfell but used it to block Dracarys in my Challange, which allowed my Tears to hit him and forced him to Valar on Turn 2. In the following round he never had enough economy to rebuild and i was able to close it.

The Semifinals were again vs Duketax and I figured that I would need a little more agression against him and switched Confiscation for The Long Winter.I also remover Strong Belwas for a second Mirri because i knew he was running first Snow. I dont know if that made the difference in the end but I managed to win in a hard fought match.

So in the finals I basicly played a different Deck. I was matched against Atanas Keranov with a very specific and cool Lannister Rose Megaturn Deck which you should defenitly have a look at. Having lost against him in the group phase allready, I knew what I was goint up against and really tried to counter him. I knew that my traditional Deck wouldnt stand a chance against him having to many useless cards and Plots in the deck because he never Played a Character other then jumping them in. So I did cut half my Plots (Marched, Blood of the Dragon, Confiscation) And added a Heads on Spikes and 2 Barring the Gates. I Cut Tears, Varys, Mirri, Viserys, Crown of Gold and The Gods Eye and some other Cards for something that allowes me to win faster like Ser Baristan Selmy and even King Viserys. I upped HJ and Nightmares to 3 to counter his Varys and his Events and added a Put to the Torch against Harrenhal or Tower of the Hand. In the actual Match I was even lucky to draw a HJ for Claim from him wich allowed me to Nightmares his Varys (Last of the Giants) and HJ his second HJ. He then Valared my board and Marched my Dany the turn after.But Barring the gates completly shut him down then and i was able to get to 14 Power. When he flipped his Annals of Castle Black to prepare his Megaturn I played the second Barring the Gates and it was basicly over at this point.

A big thanks to all my opponents and the organizers of the tournament. It was a lot of fun.

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