Gone Raiding Mom! (4-2 3rd Place at NC Regional's)

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Greenman2205 33

Hello all this is my first published deck and I'm glad to finally post it. I took 3rd place at the North Carolina Regional in Carrie and had a blast playing. 17 total opponents so we played 4 round swiss into top 8 elimination.

So due to the jump in Targaryen, Nights Watch, and Stark Watch. I wanted to play something that could handle all of that and still suite my play-style, not caring about characters and winning power challenges. Damphair lets me not be scared of Dracarys or attachments since I can just bring my dead Ironborn back. Chose king Balon for the strength buff and the fact he can do 2 challenges per phase most of the time and of course i'd have 1 Cleftjaw for more renown and that bonus of stealing locations. I wanted to try rains but I built this as Fealty and have been practicing with it for sometime, didn't want to change last minute.

Game1 Martell Fealty W. this was a good game, I was paired With Jonathan Benton's son Alexander. He played really well but I strated game with Euron and both dupes then droped Balon out next turn. After dropping a newly made lord on his boneway I just kept winning those power challenges to win it. I was lucky he didnt see many answers to my deck if he couldve found varys might have been different.

Game2 Tyrell Rains W. we had a close game I started with the chair and Theon. I didn't see many big guys till the end. Varys was mvp this game used him into valar to clear all his big guys who were scoring renown left and right. It came down to plot 7 all he needed was a power icon to win he just didnt see it.

Game3 Tyrell Alliance Watch/Stag W. This is The unexpected pleasure deck posted recently. The Owner of the deck was an Awesome guy and a Great player he was just there to have fun even though he admitted to me multiple times my deck would screw his down he was a great sport and if he saw something other than econ or if he saw some draw the game might've been much closer. I saw my Renown guys early and was able to just win unopposed and renown to win.

Game4 Greyjoy Dragon L. Me and my opponent were going to cut to top 8 no matter what since we were both 3-0 so we just had fun. He got Mirri core Balon and Victarion with plaza of pride and proceeded to wreck me. had a lot of fun playing him but the deck was brutal.

Game5 Martell Fealty W. Played Alexander Again in this game. He had a better game against me this time but he made 1 big mistake that pretty much gave me the game. He valared me hit my Euron varys and a couple of other good characters so next turn he marshals his arianne and iron throne, I put out damphair Theon and a priest was able to get off we do not sow on his chair then I passed my challenges he did his used arianne to put in knights of the sun he did a challenge for the unopposed but by doing so he gave me Dominance after that Euron gave me the renown and power To win.

Game 6 Tyrell Rains L. This was my meta mates deck We knew each others deck and I knew from past games i was going to have a hard time against it. Without seeing any Econ till plot 4 I struggled to put out enough characters to deal with him it was rough and he won on plot 5 I just couldn't deal with all the renown and only valar to reset.

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