Kraken on the Wall, 5 place in Fracas

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klepek 67

I've used this deck in 2 tournaments: Fracas - made 5 place (200 ppl) Regional tournament -made 4 place (30 ppl)

It's playstyle it's something beetween passive wall defence and old school stealth gj aggro. You mix your strategy in games so deck is realy funny to play.

Why kraken :

  • You dont need have wall to win games, deck can finish without wall in t4-5
  • Your craven work like marriage pact, u stealth craven guys so they cant def and cant attack
  • Lorsport is crushing meta right now, economy locations, astapor, other targ locations, and many others,
  • Victarion can win games on his own.

What we do :

  • Flood the board and draw more bodies,
  • dont care about resets, even vs Varys we rebuild really fast
  • play aggro valars, cause many saves, craster and draw,
  • we can def the wall and do uo chalenges in same turn,
  • sometimes we dont care about the wall and just atack. Just count want bring you more power.

What we don't do:

  • Sit, do nothing and def the wall,
  • bad mu vs stark and tyrell, so we add fortified position

Potential improvements :

  • Add 3 aemon
  • Add batle of blackwater if You like play really agresive valar
  • Add summer harvest instead time of plenty if u play causal play
  • remove Waymar Royce - he is here for mil and power icon
  • Add here to serve instead of counting coppers.


Thanks for sharing. So you think cut waymar royce and coppers, add aemon and here to serve? What plot would you suggest cutting for battle of blackwater?

klepek 67

I am not sure about this changes i haven't tested them. Aemon for Waymar is obvious change, but u should check how many times u need cheap power and mil icon.

Counting coppers is great, especialy in tournament play; if u have crap hand - bad characters or no characters. If u change coppers for here to serve i suggest add more messenger ravens. Drawing cards is one the win condition in this deck, cause it flood hard.

Battle of blackwater - havent tested this, but i think it can be good. If your meta lack of tyrel and stark You can replace Fortified position and add blackwater. You can also cut winter festiwal, cause there are a lot of summer plots. I like this plot a lot so i add it.

I think heads on spikes can be good also.

Grenn won me one game in fracas but i am not sure if he is needed here.

Sea bitch was great, so You can think about add one more copy, but no idea what to cut for them;)