The Longest Plan - Fracas 2017 Top16 Finisher

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Lord Hakkera 21

Due to ThronesDB's version of Markdown being silly when it comes to discrepancies in what works in Preview/Private Deck descriptions and what is actually supported in Published view, please see this link to the unpublished version for the full, properly formatted report on the deck/matchups.

I apologize for the redirect, but I prefer my walls of text semi-readable and I'd rather not have to reformat everything because of an unlisted difference in features.


Frost 1

gg ! nice picture and report ;)

Orion727 85

Congratulations on your good showing. What is your gameplan against nw fealty that defend the Wall? I only see varys, who you cannot jump and the Messenger which will not always work and possibly nymeria, who probably gets milked soon.

Lord Hakkera 21

@Orion727Thanks! Honestly, I didn't expect many NW as, in my eyes, the meta has done a bit of a 180 where NW was the "underdog" and a bunch of people played it after which it became "popular" due to Builders and the same people stopped playing it because it wasn't "hipster" enough. So I didn't tech specifically for it.

That said, if I were to play against NW, I'd either focus on trying to keep the board small via a combination of Wildfire and Varys or attempt to amass a bunch of Knights and try to close out with that awful garbage pile A Tourney for the King. Depending on the exact build and draw luck, I want to say that it's very likely at least part of those plans has a decent shot of working and basically winning me the game on the spot. There's also a small chance that I can grind them out with incremental advantage by dropping an early Throne, getting Renown on Myrcella/Knights, having fat Sisters and/or pushing through 1 UO each turn with the help of Messengers/Nymeria/Caleotte/Areo. Still, it's a bad matchup, so, assuming a good build, pilot and draw luck, I'd likely lose.

p.s. Nymeria can get "unmilked" with the help of Orphan - considering the slow pace of NW, I'd probably have a decent number of turns to fish for him and enough economy to load him up with gold to combat attachments.

amaasik 29

Your report is really insightful and I'm happy I got to play against it.

While I had terrible draw I also realized halfway through our game, I hadn't played against Martell with my deck before (I'm the only Martell in our meta) and so was a little at a loss.

Would love to play against this again with better draw as our decks are complete opposites of what Martells can do.

And congratz on the final result. Wish it had been me in the top:D