Tyrell LotC: GenCon Melee Top 16

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Freelancesnails 32

So as of the night before the event, the plan was to take a Lanni Rose deck that abuses Queen Cersei. After a nightmarish practice game that saw a Varys’s Riddle’d Duel and a dead queen, I started having doubts. The morning of, we got up early to shower and I nixed it. Cersei and Randyll were the lynchpins, and in a format that ends in plot 3, it was just too risky. I had played some Tyrell Crossing in the regional season and I knew how scary fast it can be, so I made a last minute decision that morning to build and sleeve one.

I won the first two games in plot 3, each hitting a Heads on Spikes trigger for the win. The first one was a near guarantee - Luke Wortley ran a really fun Stark Rose deck with Winter is Coming and There Is My Claim (you heard it here - don’t sleep on that card!) and at the end of the second challenges, he pulled off that combo. I managed to sneak out of it with 13 power and the knowledge that there were at least 4 characters in his 6-7 card hand. The second one was a bit more of a crapshoot, I went for an opponent who had flipped Late Summer Feast, assuming he had plans to use all of that gold and I hit a character.

Top 16: Mike (Targ Wolf), Jesse (Greyjoy Rose), Bretton (Tyrell Dragon)

This game, alongside that first game in Swiss, was one of the most fun games I’ve had in Thrones. Mike is a close friend and metamate, Jesse I knew from my 3rd round of Swiss, and Bretton was a really good dude, who I think had played Mike in his top 16 game last year as well. When the rounds started, some friends of ours ran to get coffee. They came back twenty-five minutes later to find the four of us still in our first marshaling because we as a table just could not shut up. This looked bleak for me from the get-go, and Bretton had a monster board while Jesse was also looking at Pyke, Great Kraken, duped Brienne and Balon, a Salt Wife, and some chuds if I recall. Jesse swung for a monster power challenge round 1, nabbing a UO power, rival power, Great Kraken trigger, Superior Claim, 2x renown, and power claim, putting him at 8 power going into second round. Bretton was in a similar position courtesy of AMAF and it looked like one of the two would be closing it out in the next round. Here we spent 15 minutes trying to figure out who should try to flip Clash of Kings to prevent Jesse from winning initiative on his likely Rise of the Kraken or Clash turn, and it ended up being me. Chose Jesse to go first to hope we could keep up the defenses and try to slow him down. This may have been a mistake in retrospect, but either him or Bretton were closing it out here. After marshaling, Mike spent ~20 minutes bluffing two Dracarys! in his hand to be able to burn through either Balon or Brienne. Options weighed, Jesse popped the Salt Wife to get through my KoF, gave Brienne stealth with Pyke, and swung at me for the power challenge. Mike knelt two dragons, paid two gold…and started giggling, realizing he had bluffed not only the entire table into thinking he had both, but himself as well. Laughs were had and hands were shook and Jesse went on to Top 4, ultimately taking the crown. Well played, sir.


linkingverbs 134

Great deck and great showing dude. The Honeywine is stupid in melee.

Freelancesnails 32

@linkingverbs The Honeywine is absurd. Ser Robar Royce also did a surprising amount of work.