Gencon 2017 Melee Final Table- "Banter X-ing".

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WailingJennings 42

I used this wacky pile to get top 4 in the melee at Gencon. It is similar to the top Lanni from Frecas, but more tuned for melee. I wanted to try to formulate a deck where you can deal swap a meaningless challenge with a weak opponent turn 2, then blast the entire field for 2 military, 4 intrigue, and 2 power challenges. So I went with manuevering around ALAPHD. Most of the time the results of the challenges are irrelevant so long as you win them Cersei and Jaime (plus rivals) are getting power. The second heads will usually close a game. Most of my games at Gencon and when I tested it beforehand were won on turn 2 or the plot phase turn 3. Even if you don't see Debts, Cersei and the plots will gain you a stupid amount of power.

It's super fun, and more consistent than it looks. Osmund's ability to challenge, sneak in Jaime and/or Gregor, then pull back with Iron Bank to get enough gold for a Hound is disgusting and hilarious. There is a good number of funny tricks you can pull off with Ryan's card.

If you hit a table with a Targ player who decides they don't want you to win, you probably aren't taking the table. Other than that, you can control the game pretty well.


Kennon 127

shakes fist at Osmund

fauxintel 187

Damn those "Targ players who decide they don't want you to win"