A Beggar's Due, 4-1 on day, 2-1 in GNK

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kidohearts 1191

Really wanted to play Targ so I could use the tokens. Got my OR pack on Friday and started theory crafting how to use Flea Bottom, Bank, and Targ. This is what I came up with. Now I only had time to theory craft, shuffle a few times and roll out on Saturday morning. So round 1 would be my first game.

So the * is because I actually went 2-1(only 7 players) during the tournament. I put 5-0 b/c the very first game I should have won easy, but messed up one big turn and not testing it, it didn't dawn on me that when someone else is also playing Flea Bottom, use my Isle to put their targets back in their deck. If I don't make that mistake and have the realization early enough, I win with ease as I was up big, but congrats to my opponent for jumping the mistakes.

I then won my next 2 and 2 more after the tournament. So I've only played a few games and I'm sure there are tweaks to make, but I know people like some of my decks, so here is the beginning.

"I Know Nothing"


Atanas (Nasi) Keranov 270

Except for a single winter plot, I do not see anything that synergizes with Kings of Winter. Are you considering another agenda?

zack 3

i'm guessing he'd like to have low reserve so that he can discard characters to jump in with Flea Bottom, even when you don't see (or want to use for something else) Plaza of Pride