Whats Yoren's is Mine! - 5th at Manchester Regional

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Von Wibble 115

With Flea Bottom becoming a thing I figured people would go minicurve to take advantage, and maybe want to seed their discard pile. To take advantage of this I decided that stealing what I could in marshalling before they got to challenges would be strong!

I used this at the Manchester regional today. I placed 5th, going 3-2, just missing the cut to top 4 (very low attendance, only 18 players).

Should also add one of my wins was a bye.

My 2 wins against opponents (and win in a friendly afterwards against the deck that placed 7th) all saw the deck perform well. 1 of my losses was not helped by really poor draw for me (plot 1 I had my Recruiter Warded and had only 1 character in hand, with 3 Frozen Solids, all without targets), the other was a tight game against Wamma's deck where I wasn't aggressive enough mid game - definitely more down to the pilot than the deck!

The deck did have good moments though and is one I think can be built on.

Playing out Yoren, then using TIBWHID to get him back to hand for next turn, spending the money for a Ward/Recruiter is strong for example, and something I was able to do fairly often.

I had 1 turn where my opponent's board was Osha (with Ghost and Needle attached) and Arya (tripped), and they had Famine out. I had Coppers out and a Recruiter. Thanks to TIBWHID I was able to get 4 more gold, then Ward Osha and put Craven on Arya, using Marched next turn.

The main refinements needed are in plots. If you don't have the right flop for Marched there is no good turn 1 plot - Coppers puts you too far behind unless you find Varys, Riddle can be a real blowout (I revealed it against Marched when my flop was Recruiter and Ranging Party - ouch), FFF is preferable later game. But what to trade out? Duel did little because everyone was low curve, but it is one of few answers I have to the big guys decks.

On the draw deck, the cards sticking out as of little use to me through the day -

Benjen Stark, never really wanted to see him, probably better off with a 2nd Sansa and maybe a Rykker or Stonesnake.

Littlefinger, again too expensive. Some cheaper bicons probably make more sense.

Mutiny - never once wanted to use it when it was in hand. It conflicts with the Recruiter too much as it is a double hit to sac that card. Should add that in all games today except 1 it was rare to see a board with characters costing more than 3 or 4 though, in a bigger guy meta it is obviously stronger and probably stays in as a 1 of.

Varys - turned up once all day in a game I was already very much ahead in. Was discarded for reserve. That said, he could have done a lot to turn round 1 of the losses, so I think its more a case of sticking with him to see.

Would love thoughts on how to improve the deck in general.

Note - this isn't quit ethe deck I used, I had -1 TIBWHID, + 1 Mutiny, -1 Steward, -1 Tumble, +2 Varys, and -1 Wildfire, +1 Valar.

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Galactic Taco 2

Interesting idea. I had a similar one in mind (Yoren in flea bottom meta) and tried to include Mutiny at Crasters Keep, take the black (instead of nowmy watch begins) and using Wheels within wheels to seed annals of castle black. One question though: Are you sure you can play a Recruiter after Yoren was brought back to hand in the same phase? They both have the same title no?