Stark Varys

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jon-z 2


Nounours 1

Hey =)

I tried your deck at it was really funny to play ;) A very good synergic effect with flea bottom and the sacrifice concept. Marriage pact is horrible for your opponent :P

Nonetheless, It was quite difficult to react Rains of castamere.

What is your feeling on your deck? FSoW is not a good friend...

May be add 2x "the last of the giant" to jump varys during the dominance phase could be an option? and sneak your opponent.

jon-z 2


Good that you have some fun. RoC is here because too many neutral cards for fealty. Most games I trigger it once : Riddle for some draw, Wildfire if I have Arya+Septa or Red Wedding if there are some interesting targets.

The initial version had 2 Last giants and the 3rd Jaqhen instead of Winter is coming, and 3xHarrenhal instead of Marriage Pact. HH is weak vs GJ and NW. The 3rd Jaqhen was not that useful, maybe even in this version Jaqhen is not that great because the economy is shaky... But it's so good with Wildling scout + FB, that it is also one of the reasons to play RoC.

The deck is weak to 1st snow, like most FB decks but between dupes and Arya+Septa you can hold. Also, the FB synergies help: marched to the wall, Marriage Pact on some 3 or less char to put something useful into discard ; also, Wildling scout is "action" so you can sacrifice in marshalling to FB it back into play. Of course, these ideas are not perfect but they provide some "ghetto" solutions.

If I had some time and could come to CF, I would test the other Sansa who is really good with RoC (but can't be chosen with Summer). Another idea is that Dacey works great with Summer (but not with FB).

The deck is fun and I feel like it has some potential for improvement. My initial idea was just to find some way to make Varys work in Stark. Also, I like the Septa and wanted to play 3 copies of her, and I think this deck is the right place for this.

I think one of the main problems is that the economy is shaky, but the plotline is already really stacked. 2xMarched to the wall is my signature, but maybe cutting one copy for some kind of economic plot is the smart choice... It's just that playing with cards I like is more important to me.