Constructive advice for deck? (Let Bygones be Bygones)

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runatyr 1

Hello all.

I've played thrones 2.0 casually since its release. There is no equal ! :) I normally listen to the major podcasts (thank you all)

I'm also a devout follower in the belief:

"There is no greater advance to any science than peer review"

With that being said, I'd like to know how to make this Martell/Lanni deck potentially competitive.

I'd be a fool to assume it's durable "as-is" regardless of the meta.

So I want to leverage Martell control/long came approach while focusing on intrigue. I chose Lanni to Banner in the hopes of better economy generation.

Please feel free to comment and advise. Your collective experience is invaluable. Also.. please remember I'm new to this so I don't have a crusty shell to ward off to many direct attacks of "what a POS deck!" (I'm human)

Thank you all and I'm going to put to word and discussion any advice given :)



jgruss42 1

With so few events, I wonder if Tourney Grounds is useful. I would replace those with roseroads. Similarly, Lannisport Moneylender is a bit of a rough card to play. As far as gold goes, it takes 2 turns to just break even - plus he is limited, so you can't really play other economy that turn. I would consider Dornish Fiefdom, especially with 3 very high initiative plots.

starclown 85

My opinion is that you lack econ, I would use at least 8-9 econ locations. Furthermore I see only one Desert Scavenger, I would up that card to three. Also as jgruss42 mentioned change the Tourney Grounds with Dornish Fiefdom, which is arguably the best faction 2 cost econ card.

runatyr 1

Thank you both for your input. Ok I hear what you are saying about the econ. I'm going to swap out the 2x Tourney Grounds for the Dornish Fieefdom and a rose road.

As for the money lender... I'm in a quandary. I need 12 Lani cards to stay legal, so are there 3 better Lani cards for econ and intrigue? I'll update this shortly

runatyr 1

I tried to just update this version of the deck and leave the comments..but it looks as if I had to publish a new copy of the deck and the comments did not follow. Is there any way to have the version changes follow the comments? Or is it only the other way around (the comments are tied to the version?)