The Hand's Veterans

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Vipes 37

This deck is a really strong deck. It doesn't have the red viper like most of my decks, but it does have veteran builders and flea bottom. Unfortunately, the red viper can't be brought into play with flea bottom, so I'm trying to play some decks without it.

Veteran builder can stand fleabottom after use, so with tyrion for extra gold and the hand's solar the veterans can be in a lot of challenges. Mutiny is also a really strong card, and there are lots of combos with it and flea bottom if my most expensive character is a little guy.

Some people might try to just use the veteran builder in a nw deck, but with this you can have ocean road (also a good card that can't be used with the red viper unfortunately) to reduce your nw characters so I think that this is pretty good. If they drop multiple big characters you can use duel. Duel is obviously really good, and thematic if you've seen the show.

I've taken this to local game nights and done very well with it at 4-1 against other people.


Lannister 58

Hey mate, interesting deck. I can't see the point of having the Hand's solar. Pretty much everyone has intrigue and you have Tyrion as well. Won't you prefer carrying the Iron Throne for example, and reduce to 60 cards? I think this deck really needs the new economy Lannister card, as western fiefdom only works for 5 characters here... What do you think? 3 copies of Begging brother? Are there any other characters that you miss here?

Thanks :)

Vipess 102

The hand's solar is great! With the veteran builders in the deck, you can pay 1 gold and have a 4 strength character ready to participate in intrigue challenges. Because the veteran builder can stand fleabottom, you can get 3 challenges out of fleabottom per round! Not quite a red viper, but it's still really strong!

There are more expensive characters that are nice, but I don't want to get the hit by my own duel (killed by the viper :( ) . There aren't a lot of targets for fiefdom, but the hound gets played a lot and that helps if you marshall him and it pays for the hand's solar which is part of the awesome veteran builder combo.