Bara dom 3º of Swiss Regional of Moria.

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Orphanage aka Cancer Lancer NA Champ/Gencon Winner 99 77 35 1.0
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munch 16


zack 3

so Flea Bottom's synergy is only with Vanguard Lancer, right? i'm not saying is not worth it :-), just trying to understand if i'm missing some other combo here

zarius 162

Nice deck @munch! Glad to see you playing baratheon as in the first edition. Sadly we didn't play in the top4 or final. Next time will be!

munch 16

@zack unfortunately Flea Bottom don't have more synergy in this deck than Vanguard Lancer, but its a good card to put a "body" in challenge phase... so that's enough ;-P

@zarius Thnx mate, next time maybe xD