Rose-X : Winner Small S/C - NL, Canada)

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Spenny022 14

This is the deck that I won our local S/C with last weekend (Sept. 10 2017). There were only 7 of us but we still played 3 rounds of swiss and cut to Top 4. I've been running Tyrell Crossing for about forever now, slightly tweaking from pack to pack and it finally got me to the Top.

The deck is pretty straightforward. Win fast. Randyll is the best for this but the deck can function just fine without seeing him. I run 3 Superior Claims to help push me through to 15 quickly and i usually have no trouble triggering them with all the strength pump in the deck. Relentless Assault on Clash turns can be huge as well. The deck is pretty event heavy and the usefulness of The Annals can not be understated here. That plot has won me many games. Back to back Clash turns with Relentless and Superior can be a big power swing.

Any questions about the deck, feel free to ask.

Quick Tournament breakdown: Round 1 - Bye (1-0) Round 2 - Win Vs. Martell Crossing (2-0) Round 3 - Loss Vs. Night's Watch Fealty (2-1) Top 4 - Win Vs. Targ. Lion Final - Win Vs. Night's Watch Fealty

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