Stark Dragon Wolves

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scantrell24 2456

Second draft. Fun using Bran multiple times per phase to use Roaming Wolfpack or Wolves of the North in every attack. The main problems are a lack of renown (partially solved with Clash of Kings, Superior Claim, and Relentless Assault) and a lack of draw (partially solved with both Summons and Counting Coppers, but feeding Plaza of Pride gets rough).

Protecting Bran can be difficult as well. Luwin and Jory help, but I've thought about Close Call or Ghosts of Harrenahl, High Septon, Hand's Judgment, and even Winterfell Heart Tree.

The deck could potentially move toward a more aggro direction with a reset plot, a 2 claim plot (or Storm of Swords), and Winter Is Coming.


mnBroncos 309

sorry but not a fan of this list at all.... Superior Claim over put to the sword or torch. no Like Warm Rain, or Winterfell Kennel Master in a direwolf deck is wrong those are both so strong.

tejastrails 1

With 10 characters with intrigue icons I'm not sure that Like Warm Rain is really needed. I like the idea of building dire wolves in a different way. I'm guessing Summons is in there in place of A Time For Wolves? How has that been working?

Rors 19

Been playing this, it's stupid fun and shockingly good for a wolf deck.