The Night's Watch. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.


Each Ranger character you control cannot be bypassed by stealth.

Interrupt: When Benjen Stark is killed, gain 2 power for your faction. Then, shuffle him back into your deck instead of placing him in your dead pile.

Tiziano Baracchi
Core Set #122.

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Benjen Stark

Rules FAQ

  • Benjen must be in play to trigger his interrupt (like all non-events, unless stated otherwise on the card). So he cannot trigger from hand or from deck if hit by Heads on Spikes or Ser Gregor Clegane. Furthermore, his interrupt is to being killed, not to 'being placed in the dead pile'.
  • If a Night's Watch player is at 13 power, including 1 power on Benjen (through Longclaw, Consolidation of Power, etc.) and Benjen dies, does he reach 15 power and win the game? Yes. RRG pg 10. "Always resolve interrupts to a triggering condition before resolving the consequences of the triggering condition itself." In other words, Benjen's ability puts 2 power on your faction before the "death" actually completes and causes the usual leave-play loss of all power on Benjen himself.

  • Benjen must be KILLED to use his ability, not DISCARDED or SACRIFICED. These are specific game terms that refer to specific occurances.
Big argument on cardgamedb if Benjen can interupt 2 kills on him ie.WIldfire + Quentyn. I'd argue even if both kills are levelled at him simultaneously he can only interupt 1 kill effect (fully including the 2nd half of the reaction and shuffling back into deck) before he could attempt to interupt the second kill. Any official ruling? — Simonmmm 1
If you' — mplain 213
If you're referring to this thread: — mplain 213
then the top comment in that thread ("Best Answer") is Nate French's official ruling. — mplain 213
When dying in uneasy truce round, doesn't he get shuffled back in the deck? — belazhul 1
Correct — mplain 213