House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.



While Arya Stark has a duplicate, she gains a icon.

Reaction: After Arya Stark enters play, place the top card of your deck on her facedown as a duplicate.

Joshua Cairós
Core Set #141.

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Arya Stark

Rules FAQ

Arya's ability checks whether or not she has one or more duplicate(s). This is binary - you either have a duplicate or you don't have any duplicates. Provided she has one or more, she gains one Military icon.

Some abilities put cards into play facedown. A facedown card has no inherent attributes other than “facedown card,” but it may be granted attributes by the card ability that put it into play. A player may look at the identity of any facedown card that is in play and under his or her control.

I know as a new player, Arya was the card that taught me that cards that are played during setup are not "in play" and so the card's reaction is ignored. This may be a necessary rule, but it is a counter-intuitive one for new players, or at least I thought so. — treyalsup 7
If Arya enters play under your control from an opponent's discard or dead pile, you cannot trigger her ability, because you cannot duplicate cards that you do not own. ( — mplain 189