House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Location. Cost: 3.

Stronghold. Winterfell.

During a or challenge in which you control 2 or more unique participating characters, each of those characters gets +2 STR.

Federico Musetti
The Road to Winterfell #22.

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Winterfell Castle

How do I resolve Winterfell Castle and Plaza of Punishment? Winterfell Castle's effect lasts for the challenge - not the phase, but the particular challenge. Plaza of Punishment lasts for the entire phase. So let's say Plaza tags Arya with "-2 STR, kill if STR 0" as a reaction to winning, and then once any challenge bonuses are awarded, claim is satisfied, and keywords are resolved, Arya will lose the +2 STR from Winterfell Castle, have 0 STR, and be killed by Plaza.