House Tyrell. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 3.

The Reach.

Reaction: After a Summer plot card is revealed, kneel Bitterbridge Encampment. Then, each player may put a character into play from his or her hand.

Matthew Cowdery
Across the Seven Kingdoms #5.

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Bitterbridge Encampment

Rules FAQ

  • This ability is triggered after all "When revealed" abilities of all plots have resolved.
  • If the ability is cancelled with Treachery, Bitterbridge Encampment does not kneel (kneeling is part of the effect here, not a cost), and can be used again if more than one Summer plot was revealed.
  • When resolving the ability, the first player chooses and reveals a character, then the second player does the same (with full knowledge of his opponent's choice), and so on, and then all characters enter play simultaneously.
  • You do not need to reveal the target character from hand before your opponent decides whether or not to cancel (unlike Arianne).