The Night's Watch. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 4. STR: 3.


Ambush (4).

If you control Arya Stark, sacrifice Arry.

Action: Return Arry to your hand to draw 1 card.

At Winterfell they had called her "Arya Horseface" and she'd thought nothing could be worse...
Rafal Hrynkiewicz
Across the Seven Kingdoms #6.

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Rules FAQ

  • If Arry is targeted by stealth, she can leave platy with her ability, then ambush into play and be a legal defender.
    • The effect of being chosen as a stealth target ("Each chosen character is considered bypassed by stealth, and is not eligible to be declared as a defender for that challenge.") is a lasting effect.
    • When a card leaves play, all lasting effects that apply to that card automatically expire for that card.

The Night’s Watch saw most of its improvements in 2016 through locations and attachments. But, there were a few good characters. I believe the best goes to Arry. A dual-con ambush where you can take her back into your hand at any time to draw a card? Targeted by stealth, then leave the board and ambush back in and be a legit defender? Dang, very nice.