House Stark. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 3.



Attached character cannot participate in challenges against you.

Forced Interrupt: When attached character leaves play, sacrifice a character you control.

JB Casacop
Guarding the Realm #22.

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Marriage Pact

Rules FAQ:

  • Attached character cannot be declared as an attacker/defender against the Pact's controller, and cannot enter challenges using card effects (e.g. Wardens of the North, Winterfell Kennel Master, Summer).

  • Note that the Forced Interrupt triggers before attached character actually leaves play. So if multiple characters leave play simultaneously (Valar Morghulis, Wildfire Assault, Marched to the Wall), you can sacrifice a character that would be killed or discarded anyway.

  • If Crown Regent redirects a challenge in which attached character is participating to the Marriage Pact's controller, attached character gets immediately removed from the challenge.
mplain 211
"Note that the Forced Interrupt triggers before attached character actually leaves play" Does that mean that I could choose the character it was attached to as the sacrifice? If not, why is it different to multiple characters leaving play at the same time? — nikotinlaus 594
If you attached Marriage Pact to your own character, then yes, you could sacrifice that character in response to that same character leaving play. I'm not sure why you'd want to attach Marriage Pact to your own character though... — mplain 211
what about valar dohaeris? — mabadw 1
What happens if i jump a Marriage pact (with skagos for instance) on a character that has already been regularly declared in the challenge ? Is he still participating to the challenge ? — Timmy 58