House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.


Shadow (2).

Interrupt: When Hagen’s Daughter would be killed, save her and return her to shadows.

When he fell, Hagen's daughter stumbled to her knees, snatched up his sword, stabbed the second man, then rose again, smeared with blood and mud, her long red hair unbound, and plunged into the fight.
Andreia Ugrai
The March on Winterfell #31.

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Hagen's Daughter

Rules FAQ

  • Hagen’s Daughter can trigger her ability against terminal burn; “return to shadows” is at the same time as the save, and leaving play remedies the ongoing terminal condition.

  • Hagen’s Daughter cannot trigger her ability if she “cannot be saved.”

  • If you control an opponent’s Hagen’s Daughter and trigger her interrupt, she will return to that opponent’s shadows area.