House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Event. Cost: -.


Shadow (2).

Action: Sacrifice any number of locations. For each location sacrificed, search your deck for a different location with equal or lower printed cost and put it into play. Shuffle your deck.

A.M. Sartor
The March on Winterfell #32.

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"Steel Rain"

Rules FAQ

  • For each location you sacrifice, you must search for a location with a different title. For example, if you sacrifice Raiding Longship, you could not search for another Raiding Longship. However, this restriction only applies per location; if you had a Raiding Longship and an Old Wyk in play, you could sacrifice the Raiding Longship to search for Old Wyk and sacrifice the Old Wyk to search for a Raiding Longship.

  • You can search for two identical locations, provided they are different than the locations you sacrificed. For example, you could sacrifice Raiding Longship to search for Iron Mines, and Old Wyk to search for another Iron Mines.

  • The sacrifices all happen at the same time, and occur before the search begins.