House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Location. Cost: 2.

The North.

Shadow (1).

Action: Kneel Skagos and sacrifice a standing card to search your deck for a card with the same title as the sacrificed card and put it into play. Shuffle your deck.

Juan Carlos Barquet
In Daznak's Pit #82.

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Rules FAQ:

  • You sacrifice a character first, use any reactions to the sacrifice, then bring a new character into play. So if you sacrifice Meera Reed and bring a new one, it's too late to trigger her.

  • You can use Skagos to sacrifice Ward, return control of attached character, find another Ward, and take control of another character. If done during a challenge, any characters that change control are removed from a challenge.
mplain 213
If my opponent blanks one of my characters with Meera Reed and then use Skagos on that character, is still blank from Meera? — sygmaghost94 825
No, it's a new character, not affected by any lasting or delayed effects from the past. — mplain 213

Rules FAQ

  • As a cost, the reaction window to the card being sacrificed opens and closes before the new card enters play. Therefore, sacrificing a card that would react to a card being sacrificed (e.g. Robb Stark, Meera Reed) will not trigger the reaction on the new copy of the card.
  • You can sacrifice a character you know you cannot find in your deck.
  • Any delayed or lasting effects affecting the old card expire and do not affect the new card.
Can you sacrifice nymeria character to find nymeria attachment? — theredviperxxx 19
Yes, you can. Same with Shaggydog, etc. The card just has to have the same title. — scantrell24 3298
What about this card with Barring the Gates? Can you sac, but then only shuffle and still trigger Meera to Shadows? — corwinofamber 1
I don't believe so. You can trigger a card if the effect (different than the cost) can't happen or won't change the board state. Ask in the FB group for clarification. — scantrell24 3298