Event. Cost: 1.


Interrupt: When a unique character is killed:

- if it has a icon, gain 2 gold.

- if it has an icon, draw 2 cards.

- if it has a icon, it gains 2 power. (Max 1 per phase.)

Serena Malyon
Redesigns #45.

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"The Dornishman's Wife"

Rules FAQ

  • Once you play this event, you can no longer save the character from being killed, because the save window has passed. (See The word “Would”.)

  • Even though the 2 power placed on the character (if it has a icon) will immediately be lost when the character leaves play, you can still win the game if it gets you to 15 power.

Odrl 1110

How this event works now? The Dornishman's Wife redesigns. If unique character has a all icons, i gain 2 gold and draw 2 cards and it gains 2 power?

Yes, although the power on the character only matters if you get to 15 (or can save the power via Shyra Errol), because the character then leaves play. — Diomedes 3184