Event. Cost: X.

Action: Choose and kneel a character with printed cost X or lower. Then, if there is no attachment attached to that character and it has the Ally or Mercenary trait, you may take control of it.

The gaoler's eyes had gone big as boiled eggs as he yanked open the drawstring and beheld the glint of gold.
Quintin Gleim
Redesigns #46.

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Rules FAQ

  • The value of X is a player choice and will not be altered by applying modifiers to the cost of the event.

  • You cannot target a kneeling character or a character that cannot be knelt (for instance, Ygritte).

  • Taking control of the character is optional, so you may decline to do it. Unlike the original version of the card, the character is still knelt even if you do take control of it.

Odrl 1235